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Drinking water filter WAF 20
Drinking Water are you sure its clean ?

Although drinking water is one of the most critically tested food commodities in many European countries, the influence of the water supply companies stops at the water meter of the house installation. This, however, is exactly the point where in a number of cases the worsening of the water quality can start. If galvanised pipes or lead pipes are installed in houses an enormous loading of the drinking water with heavy metals can occur. Calcium deposits, corrosion and dirt deposits can form; with drinking water there is the danger of increased absorption of iron, zinc, lead or cadmium. If drinking water is stored in storage vessels dirt particles, bacteria or viruses can collect. Quite honestly, who really knows exactly how many and what unhealthy substances may be contained in the daily drinking water? Hardly anybody or perhaps somebody? A very good protection against contaminated water is an active carbon filter installed at the draw-off point with subsequent UV-treatment, which cleans and purifies the water by removing 99% of all taste, smell and harmful substances and viruses without any side effects. In contrast to chemical additives, neither health nor environment are affected.

The new compact drinking water filter with UV-C treatment WAF20 from AFRISO-EURO-INDEX was designed as a simple and easy to fit filter for below worktop installation, providing clean and healthy drinking water.

WAF 20 consists of a robust plastic housing with active carbon fine filter insert and stainless steel reactor housing (for the UV-C tube), a sturdy mounting bracket and the housing for the electronics. WAF 20 is installed just in front of the water withdrawal point. The incoming drinking water flows first through the active carbon filter and then passes the ultraviolet tube which kills reliably any micro-organisms present. Should an exchange of the UV-C tube be necessary, a visual and audible alarm is triggered. WAF 20 eliminates up to 99 % of all heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, residual medicines, bacteria and viruses without forming any harmful by-products which contaminate the environment or are damaging to health. When using this filter, there is no danger of any chemical reaction in the preparation of food stuffs, drinks, essences, medicines or in the mixing of baby foods. The filter can, however, also be used for the manufacture of rinsing water or process water, water for agricultural use or in connection with decalcifying plants.

WAF 20 has two G1/4 connections and is suitable for a maximum flow rate of 300 l/h and an operating pressure up to 6 bar. WAF can be supplied with 230 VAC, using the mains adaptor provided, in the area of housing technology or with 12 V DC for camping, caravans or leisure boats (especially where drinking water is stored in vessels for longer periods of time).

Drinking water filter WAF 20
The drinking water filter with UV-C treatment
WAF 20 from AFRISO-EURO-INDEX provides
clean and healthy drinking water

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Drinking Water Filter with UV-Treatment WAF 20
Drinking Water Filter
with UV-Treatment WAF 20
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