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WATCHDOG Oil-on-Water Detector AWD
WATCHDOG AWD for water pollution control

The water condition of our rivers and lakes is mainly influenced by human activities. Industry and communes, agriculture and shipping all contribute to the pollution and deterioration of the water. Pollutants get into the waters in many different ways and from there also into our groundwater. This groundwater is an especially sensitive part of our water chain and has a very long memory. Non-dissolving pollutants that find their way into the water today can pollute water for several years, even decades. In most cases, they can be removed only with a great deal of effort and a high level of expenditure, sometimes they cannot be removed from the water at all. It is possible to take precautionary measures by using warning instruments in order to prevent pollutants such as oil reaching our underground water.

The WATCHDOG Oil-on-Water Detector AWD from AFRISO-EURO-INDEX controls still and calmly flowing waters for oil pollution.

AWD consists of a control unit and a floating sensing probe which is connected to the control unit via a 2-core signal cable (up to max. 50 m). The floating probe keeps the sensing electrodes submersed in the water; this closes the electrode circuit. If an oil layer appears on the water surface, the electrode circuit goes open circuit, the alarm is initiated and memorized. The immersion depth of the 2 electrode rods is adjustable on the floating probe unit. Oil layer levels from 2 10 mm can be detected. The WATCHDOG AWD requires a 230 VAC supply and is designed for wall mounting in dry rooms. The unit can be retrofitted using a sealing set (IP 54) to render it suitable for use in dirty and wet environments. The control unit contains all indication and operating elements as well as all electronic components. Via a relay contact ancillary devices such as pumps and valves as well as additional alarm units or event reporting systems can be operated.

The WATCHDOG detector is available in the versions AWD-1 with a response delay of 1 second for still waters and as AWD-8 with a response delay of 8 seconds for calmly flowing waters. The WATCHDOG detectors AWD-1 and AWD-8 are installed in control shafts, collection-, retaining- and overflow basins or in wells and open waters.

WATCHDOG Oil-on-Water Detector AWD
The WATCHDOG Oil-on-Water Detector AWD
controls still and calmly flowing waters for
pollution through oil.

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