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Complete Heating-Check using Flue Gas Analyser EUROLYZER ST
Heating-Check made easy one instrument is enough!

Older heating installations offer a tremendous potential for saving energy cost. Therefore, the EU directive requires amongst other things in the total energy efficiency of buildings a single inspection of a heating installation whose heat generating appliance is older than 15 years. Based on this inspection, the so-called Heating-Check, qualified or accredited persons (e.g. people from the HVAC sector, chimney sweeps, energy advisers etc.) can evaluate a heating installation regarding boiler size, heat distribution, heat transfer and heat requirement of the building and compile an official test report which provides advice to the user regarding alterations to improve the heating system. (Energy efficiency test of heating installations according to DIN EN 15378). With the new Flue Gas Analyser EUROLYZER ST from AFRISO the complete standardized Heating-Check can be carried out simply, quickly and reliably. The user then receives his computer aided analysis immediately on site together with advice how he can, in some cases even with a relatively small investment, save energy to a considerable extent and permanently.

The Heating-Check represents an explicit, standardized process for the inspection of heating installations in order to identify weaknesses in energy efficiency primarily in older, but also in newer heating installations. In times of high energy costs, climate discussions and the energy saving directive, advice on energy is gaining momentum and provides a business opportunity for qualified persons.

With the latest Flue Gas Analyser EUROLYZER ST from AFRISO-EURO-INDEX all adjustment and control check measurements which are necessary for the complete Heating-Check can be carried out and listed in an Inspection Report.

Generally, the following characteristics are measured, visually inspected and evaluated:

(1.) Heat generating:
Checking of boiler with regard to flue gas-, surface- and ventilation losses, heat value utilisation, over-dimensioning and system control.
(2.) Heat distribution:
Hydraulic adjustment, heating pump, insulation of pipes, storage vessels and fittings.
(3.) Heat transfer:
Room temperature control via radiators, convectors or underfloor heating systems.

With the new EUROLYZER ST it is possible to carry out the Heating-Check reliably and quickly thanks to simple and intuitive menu-guidance.

Immediately upon having determined the energy saving possibilities, it is possible to show already some real action proposals. The documentation of all measurement results can be printed out on site in a clearly understandable form and can also be saved on Micro-SD-Card. All flue gas analysis instruments EUROLYZER ST, MULTILYZER NG and MAXILYZER NG, which are already in use out in the market place, can be retro-fitted with the Heating-Check software. All AFRISO Flue Gas Analysis instruments are, of course, approved according to BImSchV and KO (TV By RgG 190) as well as to DIN EN 50379-2.

Complete Heating-Check using Flue Gas Analyser EUROLYZER ST
All measurements for the Heating-Check (Flue gas,
surface- and ventilation losses) can be carried out
with the Flue Gas Analyser EUROLYZER ST from

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