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WATCHDOG Water Alarm Unit WM5
Better safe than sorry...

It is remarkable that we should consider it desirable to have a warning device in modern motor cars which signals even the failure of an almost insignificant side light bulb and yet, in comparison, we seem to display an almost blind trust in that everything surrounding the condition of our buildings is alright. But especially here there are a number of real risks like leakages, liquid accumulations or unnoticed gas or smoke hazards. In the worst possible scenario this can lead to damages to the building or to pollution of the ground and could even lead to death through neglect. But this does not have to be the case. Safety is obtained through the use of warning instruments which do not only save the owners or responsible people in charge a lot of trouble and safeguard against damage, but provide the calming inner feeling that the best possible has been done regarding the safety of the property.

A complete Series of Warning Instruments has now been grouped together by AFRISO-EURO-INDEX under the name WATCHDOG. WATCHDOG-Warning Instruments signal events, dangerous and emergency situations early thereby making it possible for counter measures to be implemented in good time. The WATCHDOG-Series consists of 18 different instruments with which all conceivable events and arising danger situations in private dwellings, factories or other industrial premises can be supervised reliably even from a remote location.

The WATCHDOG Water Alarm Unit WM5 from AFRISO-EURO-INDEX controls the ingress of water in up to 5 separate locations. The alarm unit is for instance used in computer rooms, admin.-offices, storage rooms or cellars. As soon as one or several sensing probes are immersed in liquid a visual and audible alarm sounds. The control unit contains all indication and operating elements as well as all electronic components necessary for the processing of the probe signal and its conversion into a digital output signal, provided in form of a voltage-free relay change-over contact. The sensing probes are installed at the lowest points in the rooms to be controlled and in the event of water ingress, the relevant alarm generating probe(s) 1 5 are indicated by the control unit. The audible alarm can be muted by depressing the alarm mute button. The WATCHDOG Water Alarm Unit WM5 requires a 230VAC supply and is designed for simple wall mounting or for installation into control panels (the latter requires an optional mounting frame). WATCHDOG warning instruments can also be supplied or retrospectively fitted with a special sealing set (IP 54) for installation in dirty and wet environments.

In order to obtain maximum operational safety, other AFRISO Event Reporting Systems can be connected to the Water Alarm Unit WM5. In the event of an alarm, the user will then receive a message immediately via the internet, by Email, SMS, telephone or fax.

WATCHDOG Water Alarm Unit WM5
The WATCHDOG Water Alarm Unit WM5
provides early warning for undesirable
water ingress thereby saving the user
costly water damage repairs.

Further information:

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