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Solar Pump Line PrimoSol 130-1
The new AFRISO PrimoSol 130-1 solar pump line is integrated into the return line of intrinsically safe closed solar thermal systems (between the solar tank and the solar collector). PrimoSol 130-1 circulates heat transfer liquids (such as water, water-glycol mixtures) up to a height of 5.5 m and is suitable for system pressures up to 6 bar.

The completely pre-assembled, leak-tested and heat-insulated assembly consists of a flow meter, a pump, a combination cock, a safety group assembly, insulation and wall mounting material. The flow meter includes a ball type stop cock. The circulation pump which is optionally available for a pump head of up to 8 m is supplied with AC 220 V. The combination cock contains a hand wheel with an integrated blue thermometer and a gravity brake. The safety group assembly consists of a pressure gauge, a solar safety and mounting valve and the connection to the expansion vessel. The pump group is fully contained in protective EPP expanded propylene foam which also serves as a safe transport packing.

PrimoSol 130-1 contains all required safety and operational elements and is ideally suited for cost-effective use in new systems or for retrofitting existing systems. The solar pump line is designed to suit the exact requirements of solar systems currently used in the market so that the installation is quick and easy.

Solar Pump Line PrimoSol 130-1
The AFRISO PrimoSol 130-1 solar pump line
is the ideal solution to economically retrofit
existing systems.

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Solar Pump Group Systems
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