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WATCHDOG Oil/Water Alarm WU
The AFRISO WATCHDOG Oil/Water Alarm WU was designed to detect oil or water accumulations. WU consists of a control unit and a probe with two sensors which are connected by means of a five-core signal cable.

The control unit contains the following elements in an impact-resistant plastic housing: display elements and controls as well as all electronic components for signal processing and conversion of the probe signal into a digital output signal which is available via two voltage-free relay contacts (1 changeover, 1 normally open). The height-adjustable probe is mounted at the lowest point of the area to be monitored. If the unit detects oil or water, it immediately generates visual (red lamp for oil, yellow lamp for water) and audible alarms; the audible alarm can be switched off with the reset button. The display unit is supplied with AC 230 V. It is designed for wall-mounting or installation in control cabinets or control panels (optional mounting frame required).

WU detects water, heating oil EL, L, M, diesel oil and low-viscosity lubricating oil (group A III and danger class A III), motor oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil and transformer oil.

In order to achieve maximum reliability, it is possible to connect AFRISO event reporting systems to the WU oil/water alarm. The operator is then immediately informed of alarms via SMS, telephone, e-mail or the internet to allow for fast and efficient action.

WATCHDOG Oil/Water Alarm WU
The AFRISO WATCHDOG WU oil/water alarm
monitors rooms for unwanted oil or water

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