Technology for Environmental Protection - Measuring. Controlling. Monitoring.
looks back on 140 years of history
140 Years of AFRISO – Progress Rising from Tradition

The history of AFRISO begins in Schmiedefeld (Thüringen) in the year 1869, the same year that marked the laying of the foundation stone of Neuschwanstein Castle, with Adalbert Fritz founding a “company for making thermometers” at the age of 23. Thus was the “foundation stone” laid for a company which operates on a global scale today. When his son Franz enters the company, the company name is changed to “Adalbert Fritz und Sohn” or, in short, AFRISO, which gives rise to the 1st company logo. AFRISO becomes a renowned brand for temperature and pressure measurement technology. When Adalbert Fritz passes away in 1918, his son Franz takes on the business. The product portfolio has grown considerably over the years - the company focuses on producing a wide variety of glass thermometers, medical glass instruments and laboratory equipment until 1919. At the end of 1919, beginning of 1920, the company’s image changes completely as a result of a small, thin-walled, circular and concentrically shaped metal sheet: two diaphragm half shells form a capsule element which expands or contracts depending on the pressure - the capsule type pressure gauge is born. Precision measuring devices in the form of precision pressure gauges, blood pressure measurement instruments, incubators, egg scales, signalling devices and temperature controllers become the mainstays for generating revenue during the time up to 1945 and the new beginning after that time.

After World War II Franz Fritz flees his home in Thüringen together with his family, a decision made on account of the repercussions to be expected in the wake of Soviet occupation. His son Georg, born in 1922, serves as an audacious night fighter and officer in World War II, and transports the valuable company inventory across the border in a series of bold undertakings. The Fritz family initially settles in Eltmann/Main, Bavaria, but relocates to Kleingartach (Baden-Württemberg) where opportunities are better. When these premises become too cramped, the main office is moved to nearby Güglingen in 1955, and a fully new era begins: pneumatic level measurement devices are developed on the basis of pressure measurement instruments, primarily for fuel oil storage tanks. These are followed by overfill alarms and leak monitoring systems for the safe storage of mineral oil products. AFRISO secures market leadership in this sector - technologies and products for environmental protection now increasingly determine AFRISO’s portfolio. Within the company itself, efforts commence to align all processes with reference to ground water protection, careful use of resources and reduced energy consumption. This occurs at a time when the issue of environmental protection is all but unheard of Germany and is only rarely picked up on by the media. Mechanical tank contents gauges (1957), electronic tank contents gauges (1958) and leak detectors (1962) follow. Starting at the beginning of the 60s, the first sales and production companies are founded in Austria, Switzerland, France, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. As a result of internationalisation efforts within Europe, the company changes its name from AFRISO to AFRISO-EURO-INDEX.

In 1968 Franz Fritz dies at the age of 78 and his son Georg takes on the management of the company. The oil crisis in 1973/74 is the catalyst for the development of a wide range of products for ecological and economical heating system operation. Growing concentrations of harmful substances originating from coal, gas and oil fired systems lead to the “Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz” (BImSchG), the German Federal Immission Control Act, which serves as a basis for the prevention of air pollution in 1974. AFRISO is one of the first to develop a measuring device which allows for optimum adjustment of combustion systems: the flue gas tester RGT. The device has an excellent reputation as an ideal system for servicing and maintenance, and quickly secures a leading market share. Right from the outset, AFRISO’s ideas and products make considerable impact and contribute to major advances in the heating market, especially in the area of the secure storage of fuel oil, assuring AFRISO of an exceptional position in the German market. Heating experts know the quality and reliability of AFRISO products, which are consequently very popular - one now comes across AFRISO devices in more and more basements. In addition to the headquarters in Güglingen, new production and development facilities are founded in Germany in Amorbach (Bavaria), Dietzenbach (Hessen) and Illmensee (Lake Constance). Meanwhile, the product portfolio includes about 25,000 items, from pressure, temperature and level measurement devices, ranging from simple to sophisticated, and many reliable components for heating and building technology all the way to state-of-the-art portable flue gas analysers and complex stationary gas analysis systems. Georg Fritz retires from business operations at the age of 67 and passes on the management of the company to his two sons Elmar and Jürgen Fritz, who are the 4th generation to lead the company.
At the end of an interesting life, Georg Fritz passes away in the spring of 2004 at the age of 82.

After the political change in Eastern Europe (1989), Elmar and Jürgen Fritz open the first subsidiaries in Hungary, Rumania, the Czech Republic and Poland. New companies are founded on different continents - the most recent examples being South Africa and the Ukraine (2004), Russia (2005), China (2006), Peru, India and Indonesia (2008). Subsidiaries and companies in more than 30 countries abroad now distribute the extensive product portfolio. AFRISO manufactures at four sites in Germany and currently offers 475 employees secure workplaces and training positions; and employs about 900 people worldwide. The company’s history is backed by a clearly defined customer and company philosophy. This is based, on the one hand, on treating the environment responsibly and, on the other, on viewing the customer as the most important person in the company and maintaining the long-term success of the group. A course which is based on 140 years of product know-how and is deeply rooted in tradition. One issue was firmly established in AFRISO’s company philosophy at an early stage and will become considerably more critical in the future: environmental protection! Buzzwords such as climate change, reduced energy consumption, careful use of resources and renewable energies are already ubiquitous - just imagine how significant this will be in the future. Matthias Blasinger, Sales Manager, comments: “It is going to take a huge amount of effort worldwide and, more importantly, the use of future-orientated technologies to remedy the adverse effects and damage already caused and take measures to counter or prevent further destruction. AFRISO will definitely make its contribution toward protecting the environment and nature with advanced products. Products that have their origins in tradition and that will also be in demand in the future. Products that offer individual, commercial and industrial users protection and security, that provide wholesalers with excellent growth potential, and that make it possible for specialised trades to do good business.”
The 1st company logo of AFRISO, founded in 1869.
The 1st company logo of AFRISO, founded
in 1869:
A success story whose ending is not yet
in sight.
A: Pneumatic level gauge made in 1955
B: Mechanical level gauge made in 1957
C: Digital level gauge with wide variety
    of functions made in 2009
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