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Rain Water Treatment System RES
The compact dual filter with UV treatment for clean rainwater

The new AFRISO rain water treatment system RES uses UV light to reliably disinfect rain water and ensure clean water (no drinking water quality), in particular in applications requiring special hygiene such as toilets of hospitals or washing machines.

RES consists of a filter housing with exchangeable dirt filter and activated carbon filter, an UV-C tube with a stainless steel reactor housing which reliably prevents any UV light from reaching the outside. The rain water is first cleaned by means of a dirt filter for coarse filtration. Then it flows trough an activated carbon filter for fine filtration. Finally, it reaches the UV stage where almost all bacteria and viruses are killed - the disinfection rate after the UV treatment amounts to 99.99 %. As opposed to chemical processes such as the use of chlorine, UV disinfection is not harmful to the health and the environment. RES features an electronic control with thermal and electronic overload protection which triggers visual and audible alarms in the case of malfunctions, RES has a G 3/4 connection. It is designed for operating pressures of up to 6 bar and flow rates of up to 1,200 l/h. It is supplied with either AC 230 V or DC 12 V.

RES can easily be integrated into existing rain water harvesting systems.

RES is the ideal solution for houses and businesses, but it also lends itself to camping, boats or other recreational applications as these often involve problems with germs.

Rain Water Treatment System RES
The AFRISO rain water treatment system
provides clean rain water, for example for
the laundry.
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Rainwater Treatment System RES
Rainwater Treatment System RES
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