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Level indicator CoFox CMG 01 for hygienic processes
The new AFRISO CoFox CMG 01 level indicator is used for continuous high-accuracy level measurement in tanks containing liquid, electrically conductive media (-40/+150 °C). CoFox CMG 01 operates on the basis of the potentiometric measuring principle and is therefore independent of changes in pressure, temperature and density.

The level indicator has been designed for tanks and containers with liquid levels from 200 to 6,000 mm; the probe length can be between 200 mm and 6,000 mm. The smallest adjustable range is > 10 mm (e.g. 0/11 mm). The measuring range is adjustable over the entire probe length. The measuring accuracy amounts to ± 1 % FS at a resolution of < 0.1 %. The new CoFox CMG 01 is suitable for process pressures of 150 bar at fluid temperatures of 20 °C and for pressures of up to 25 bar at fluid temperatures of 150 °C. The electronic system which is integrated in a robust stainless steel field housing is supplied with DC 8–30 V and supplies a 4-20 mA signal. The probe and the process connection are made of stainless steel 316 Ti. The instrument is screwed into the tank via an R3/4 thread. The mounting position is detected automatically. Error messages are according to NAMUR recommendation.

The CoFox CMG 01 level indicator is suitable for hygienic processes; depending on the application, it is available with monoprobe, coaxial probe and dual probe. Special probe designs and materials, other process connections and HART protocol can also be provided. The level indicator is fast and easy to install and commission.

Level indicator CoFox CMG 01 for hygienic processes
The new AFRISO CoFox CMG 01 provides
high-accuracy level measurement in hygienic
processes, for example in food industry,
pharmaceutical or biotechnology applications.
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