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WAF 02 R water filter with pressure reducer, backwashable
Removes dirt particles: WAF 02 R water filter

Small particles such as rust particles, sand grains or hemp can enter the domestic water installation along with drinking water. While such particles may not be unhealthy, they can cause corrosion in the form of pitting, clog shower heads or aerators and interfere with the correct operation of fittings. A water filter removes such particles and effectively protects the installation from malfunctions caused by pollution.

The new AFRISO WAF 02 R backwashable water filter with pressure reducer has been designed to protect drinking water installations against corrosion as per DIN1988 and prevents the ingress of pollutants (such as rust, sand, hemp). The water filter protects, for example, flow heaters, valves or machines against malfunctions caused by dirt. WAF02R is not DVGW-tested, but the materials are physiologically unobjectionable and comply with the German Drinking Water Act.

The fitting consists of a brass filter head with integrated pressure reducer and pressure gauge as well as a transparent filter cup with a 7" filter insert. A rotatable brass connection piece enables installation in horizontal or vertical pipes, even if the pipe is very close to a wall. The pressure reducer is adjustable from 1.5 to 6bar to ensure an even outlet pressure/system pressure. The pressure gauge (0-10bar, optionally available with pressure gauge 0-16bar) indicates the outlet pressure and features a rotatable window that allows the user to mark the date of the last backwashing. The degree of pollution can also be easily detected through the transparent filter cup. The water filter is backwashed via a drain valve. The direction of flow through the filter insert is reversed and the dirt particles are flushed out. The filter should be backwashed every 2 months. The WAF02R water filter is optionally available with a backflow preventer, which keeps water from flowing back into the public water supply, and with a replaceable filter insert. WAF02R is suitable for water temperatures of up to 30C, inlet pressures of up to 16bar and outlet pressures of up to 6bar.

Rotatable G3/4 or G1 connections allow for fast and easy retrofitting or replacement of old or defective water filters.

WAF 02 R water filter with pressure reducer, backwashable
The new AFRISO WAF 02 R backwashable
water filter keeps dirt particles from getting
into drinking water installations and protects
shower heads, aerators, valves, machines,
flow heaters, etc. from malfunctions caused
by dirt.