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Eurovac NV low vacuum leak detector
For Safe, Tight Fuel Oil Tanks

Internal electrochemical corrosion may cause leaks in single- and double-walled tanks over time. If stored fluids, e.g. fuel oil, get into the groundwater, this may be detrimental to the environment. Not only the environment is affected, but the owner or operator of the tank as well: He is fully liable for any and all damages resulting from escaping liquids (as per the German Water Management Act, for example). With the new Eurovac NV leak detector and a suitable inner tank lining installed in compliance with an approved specialised company (as per German Water Management Act, for example), you can considerably extend the service life of a renovated tank. You can practically exclude the possibility of damage with a properly installed, operated and serviced Eurovac NV leak detector.

The new AFRISO Eurovac NV leak detector is a vacuum-type leak detector as per EN 13160-2, class 1. The device is suitable for the detection of leaks in tanks containing flammable liquids of group and danger class A III and AdBlue (urea solution 32.5 %). Eurovac NV is approved for the following tanks: Single-walled tanks according to EN 12285-1, EN 12285-2 design A, DIN 6617 design A, DIN 6619, DIN 6624 and DIN 6625, for single-walled and double-walled cylindrical, rectangular or spherical tanks made of concrete, asbestos cement, plastic and other approved materials and for double-walled tanks and tanks with inner linings whose suitability for leak detectors has been certified by a Technical Approval of the German Institute for Building Technology.

The Eurovac NV leak detector contains the following elements in a compact plastic housing: All display elements and controls, the entire electronic system, a vacuum pump, a pressure switch, a filter and three hose connections for the pneumatic connection to the interstitial space of the tank. Eurovac is a mature unit proven in thousands of installations in the field, but the new product version features further improvements: The vacuum pump is now operated by an economical (5 VA) DC motor with a high starting torque, rated AA++ in terms of the energy efficiency class. The noise level has been reduced. In addition, a display for the pump service time has been integrated into the housing. The device now has a mute button for high operational safety and a relay output for additional devices or integration into building control systems.

A new hose connection technology ensures permanently improved tightness. The universal connection pieces are now red, green and white for 4 mm and 6 mm hoses which allows for safe connection without adapters and without mistakes. The exhaust can now be connected directly to the EUROFLEX withdrawal fitting. This way, neither drilling nor tapping in the vent pipe is required and chippings cannot get into the tank. The sinter filter in the condensate trap indicates the current degree of pollution and can easily be replaced from the outside, if necessary. Electrical connection is now possible from the top or from the bottom. The address of the installing company can be printed onto the device so the owner or operator does not have to look for it. The appearance has been adapted to the modern AFRISO family of products: This uniform appearance not only ensures customer confidence, but also underpins the professionalism of the specialised company. The leak detector is suitable for temperatures from –25 °C to +60 °C and is supplied with AC 230 V. A protective housing (IP 55) is available for outdoor applications.

Eurovac NV has the Technical Approval Z-65.22-382 of the German Institute for Building Technology.
The new AFRISO Eurovac NV leak detector - a vacuum-type leak detector as per EN 13160-2, class 1. Eurovac NV low vacuum leak detector: for safe, tight fuel oil Tanks!
AFRISO Eurovac leak detector:
Thousands of Eurovac leak detectors are
successfully operating in the field –
and the new device version "NV" offers
even more considerable improvements.
Energy efficiency class AA++.
AFRISO Eurovac NV leak detector:
For safe monitoring of double-walled tanks
and single-walled tanks with inner linings
containing inflammable liquids of danger
class A III (e.g. fuel oil).