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New Flue Gas Analyser EUROLYZER STe
The world's first flue gas analyser with ECO sensor

AFRISO is the world's first manufacturer to use lead-free O2 sensors (ECO sensors) in the new EUROLYZER STe flue gas analyser. The analyser features the most advanced sensor technology; the ECO sensors excel not only with extremely fast calibration and response times, but also with a long service life (anti-aging compensation). The new measuring instrument integrates QA mean value measurement as per the amendment to the 1st German Federal Immission Control Act, which improves the evaluation of furnaces in the case of heavily fluctuating flue gas losses. The device is suitable for measurements of oil, gas and pellets fired systems as well as CHP systems and for inspecting heating systems for CO leaks.

The ergonomically designed measuring instrument is contained in a robust protective sleeve with integrated magnets. Its large bright colour display provides excellent readability and shows two different levels for measurements, if required. A touchpad is provided for intuitive operation, which is further simplified by colour-coded menus and colour-coded measured values (green/flue gas, blue/temperature, yellow/pressure). Depending on the equipment options and on the configuration, the device can be used for a heating system check and a 4 Pa test as well as calculate and display the following parameters: Gas analysis (O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx), temperature/pressure measurement, differential pressure, draft, efficiency, excess air and automatic pressure drop.

Data transmission interfaces comprise Bluetooth and USB; Bluetooth is also used for communication with pressure and temperature probes. A standard MicroSD card allows for system-independent data storage. An infrared interface for the EuroPrinter allows the user to create printed records of the measurement directly at the customer's site. A powerful NiMH battery provides up to 10 hours of service time in Eco mode.

With the new EUROLYZER STe that is already approved as per the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV) and KO (TV By RgG 190) as well as EN 50379-2, AFRISO again sets the standards in the area of portable flue gas analysers.

EUROLYZER STe - the world's first flue gas analyser with ECO sensor!
Gas analysis (O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx), pressure
and temperature measurement, heating system
check and 4 Pa test:
AFRISO'S EUROLYZER STe can be configured
as required.