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WATCHDOG Oil/water alarm unit WWG 3 + burner connection kit
Safe monitoring of oil facilities

The new AFRISO WATCHDOG WWG 3 oil/water alarm unit plus burner connection kit signals accumulations of liquids below an oil facility (as per the Technical Directives TRl) and switches the burner off in the case of an alarm.

WWG 3 consists of a control unit and a PTC thermistor probe that is heated up during operation. This probe is mounted at the lowest point of the floor or collector to be monitored. WWG 3 is connected to the burner and the boiler by means of two 7-pin connectors.

If unwanted liquids (such as water, fuel oil, diesel and many other oils) accumulate below the oil facility, for example due to a leak, the PTC thermistor cools down and the control unit immediately triggers visual and audible alarms and switches off the burner. The audible alarm can be muted with the "Mute" button during an alarm condition; the visual alarm continues to light and the burner remains off as long as the alarm condition persists. Once the reason for the alarm has been remedied, WWG 3 resumes normal operation after the "Unlock" button has been pressed. The Test button at the control unit allows you to simulate an alarm condition in order to perform a function check. WWG 3 is intrinsically safe and features a self-monitoring function which tests the device several times per second. Short-circuits and cable breaks in the probe cable are also detected. The device immediately signals an alarm in case of any type of error.

WWG 3 is TV tested and has the Technical Approval Z-65.40-339 of the German Institute for Building Technology.

WATCHDOG Oil/water alarm unit WWG 3 + burner connection kit
alarm unit plus burner connection kit triggers an
alarm if liquids are detected and switches off the
burner of the oil facility.