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Solar collector
Irrespective of whether thermal solar systems are only used to heat up tap water or to also support the heating system or operated with a fresh water station, a diaphragm expansion vessel and a diaphragm safety valve with blow off are always required to secure the complete system (against overpressure and excessive expansion of the heated solar liquid. If the pressure in the system exceeds the nominal pressure of the safety valve, liquid is blown off via the blow off line until the pressure drops below the value required for the system. The discharged liquid can be collected with a suitable container and recycled into the system; it must never be discharged via the drain.

AFRISO now offers a solar collector made of sturdy plastic that is permanently connected to the blow off line and collects this liquid. The capacity of the collector amounts to 9 litres; the collector is equipped with a KFE cock for easy draining, a probe connection for external alarm systems and a pipe connection for a safety valve. The solar collector is easy to integrate into existing systems.

It is shipped with all required mounting accessories.

With the solar collector, specialised companies can offer their customers additional safety plus considerably more ease of use. There is no need to work on the blow off line.

Solar collector
The new AFRISO solar collector is connected
to the blow off line and collects up to 9 litres
of discharged solar liquid.