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Diaphragm seal MD56
Fully separated, yet connected

The new AFRISO MD56 diaphragm seals without dead space are designed for mounting to Bourdon tube pressure gauges, pressure transducers or pressure switches in biological, pharmaceutical and food applications.

The diaphragm seal is welded to the measuring instrument, resulting in an inseparable single, shock- and vibration-resistant unit that does not have seals. This keeps the risk of leaks to a minimum and ensures high long-term stability. Pollution of the fluid to be measured can be almost completely excluded. The compact MD56 diaphragm seals are suitable for pressure ranges from 0.6 bar to 16 bar; due to their high diaphragm strength, they are very robust and linear. The process connection is defined by a metal stop which rules out the possibility of accidental compacting or incorrect positioning of the seal. The risk of fluid getting behind the seal no longer exists.

All wetted parts and the transmission liquids of the diaphragm seal are FDA-listed and comply with EHEDG recommendations. Cleaning is possible as per SIP/CIP criteria. The following diaphragm seal process connections are available: DIN 11864, DIN 11853 and NEUMO BioControl with flange connections D25, D50, D65 or D80.

The MD diaphragm seal series has a modular design. This means that virtually any type of device can be made to customer-specific requirements on very short notice. The measuring devices can also be manufactured with different pressure transmission liquids, materials, flanges or with pipes and cooling elements.

MD56 diaphragm seals are perfectly suitable for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and bio industries.

Diaphragm seal MD56
The new AFRISO MD56 diaphragm seals are
perfectly suitable for applications in the food,
pharmaceutical and bio industries and excel
with superior reliability and long-term stability.