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CapFox ENT 20 Ex overfill alarm system and the EMS 220 event reporting system
Minimising the risk of chemical accidents

The devastating red sludge accident in Hungary caused by the burst dam of a landfill resulted in a flood of approx. 700,000 cubic metres of toxic sludge - this volume is comparable to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico where 750,000 cubic metres of oil spilled into the sea. According to a 2004 EU report, there are 260 critical landfills in Hungary alone, eight of them classified as particularly hazardous. In the meantime, demands for complete and comprehensive inspections of all waste deposits not only in Hungary, but in all Eastern Europe, have been voiced. In Europe, landfills are subject to more stringent regulation - in Germany, even landfills for unpolluted rubble must have at least a geological barrier to avoid any contamination of the groundwater.

The risk and hazard potential of a landfill compared to an industrial container is extremely high, not only in terms of consequential damage, but also in terms of external influences that are difficult to foresee and take into consideration, such as rain or heat. Even if a dam complies with the applicable regulations and if all technological requirements are met, the remaining risk is comparably high, as the recent red sludge accident in Hungary proves.

Monitoring a landfill or a container, in this case with red sludge (waste product of aluminium production), with AFRISO technology requires very little technical and financial effort (2 devices, 1 probe, investments including installation and commissioning as low as € 1,500). The CapFox ENT 20 Ex capacitance overfill alarm system plus the CNS 20 level sensor (or CNS 20 Ex for hazardous areas zone 0) together with the EMS 220 event reporting system provide a reliable overfill safety system with remote monitoring for flammable and non-flammable water-polluting liquids. When the set maximum level is reached, the overfill alarm system switches and the event is reported to the person in charge by the EMS 220 event reporting system via e-mail. The status of the object to be monitored can also be polled via a mobile phone.

In the case of landfills as well as open or closed tanks and containers, this allows the user to take measures as early as possible. This way, the system provides protection against environmental pollution with its devastating consequences. (DIBt: Z-65.13-156)

CapFox ENT 20 Ex overfill alarm system and EMS 220 event reporting system
The CapFox ENT 20 Ex overfill alarm system
and the EMS 220 event reporting system are
a reliable remote monitoring unit for the
storage of aggressive media.
(DIBt: Z-65.13-156)