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Design Data
Process engineering: AFRISO PartCommunity
Visit our free CAD download portal for easy and fast machine and plant design. Designers and engineers can integrate AFRISO measuring and control technology products in virtually all 2D/3D formats into their designs via this portal. Simply follow this link.
CAD Daten

Technical building equipment: VDI 3805 - WebSelector
Visit this website for the up-to-date version of the VDI 3805 product data record of AFRISO and GAMPPER ARMATUREN. The WebSelector provides online access to the data and you can select the desired product using a range of selection criteria. The geometry data can be placed as 2D or 3D objects in detail and coarse representations or as a symbol, for example by means of drag&drop – independent of the CAD platform used. In addition, the WebSelector provides high transparency by offering an easy product search and making it possible to switch between the required information on the component such as technical, commercial or geometric data. Simply follow this link.
VDI Webselektor