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Maritime Emission Monitoring - MEA 3000 / 3300

To reduce particle emissions of ships, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has specified new limit values for SO2 and NOx. These new limit values will be phased in step by step, starting in January 2015. Ship operators and owners will not only have to use new exhaust gas cleaning technologies - so called scrubbers - but also ensure continuous emission monitoring on their vessels.

With our product solutions for marine environment protection we help our customers manage these new challenges by making continuous emissions monitoring reliable and easy. MEA 3000 / 3300 is a practice approved, compact and robust all in one solution. Due to its development aboard a ship it complies not only with the regulations as per MARPOL Annex VI but also meets the technical requirements on the high sea.

Advantages - your benefits:
Continuous monitoring of CO2 and SO2 emissions downstream and/or upstream of the scrubber
Reliable and easy measurement as per MARPOL Annex VI and NOx Technical Code
Confirmation of Compliance as per MEPC.184(59) - SO2-loss observed
Future proof due to modular concept - additional measuring modules can be added at any time (e.g. NOx, PM)
Worldwide service - assistance and technical support in almost every port
Extremely long calibration and maintenance intervals due to internal calibration cells, high filter capacity and dual-stage backflush-system
No test gas storage needed on board
Monitoring of several measurement points with one single system due to heated measuring point switch
Constant stream of flue gas and min./max. control for increased measuring certainty

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