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Internships / Theses

An internship at AFRISO can provide you with practical professional experience and insight into an industrial company. We offer a very wide range of internships for students.

Internships for secondary school students and short internships (1 – 5 days) in the following apprenticeship programmes:
Industrial clerk
IT specialist
Process engineer for plastic and rubber technologies
Mechatronic engineer
Machine tool technician
Stock logistics specialist
Technical product designer

Pre-university and basic internships as well as placement semesters in the following study programmes:
Mechanical engineering
Industrial engineering and management
Business administration
Further programmes upon request

Bachelor and Master theses as well as technical papers are also possible upon consultation.
Subjects include, for example:
Freight cost analysis of existing outbound logistics and development of cost-savings potentials
Material flow analysis in Amorbach operation
Systematic market launch of a new product
Target group development in the food industry
Process optimization of asset acquisition posting and asset retirement posting

Promotions and events:

Girls'Day 2016
Girls'Day 2015
Girls'Day 2014


Then send us your written or digital application (max. file size 5 MB) including your CV and details of the desired area as well as the time period available.
Contact person:

Sandra Harein

Tel.: 07135/ 102-0
Xing: You will find my profile here.