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AFRISO Catalogue 2011/2012
Fresh from the press - the new AFRISO catalogue 2011/2012

Fresh from the press - the new AFRISO catalogue 2011/2012 is now available. A complete range of measuring, control and monitoring instruments and systems for building technology, industry and environmental production is presented on 662 pages. The new catalogue excels with new page design, clearly structured tables and a vast array of new devices.
New instruments are presented for level measurement in hygienic processes.
New overfill alarm systems reliably protect the environment from damage caused by
water-polluting liquids.
New anti-siphon valves, vents, flow meters, boiler manifolds and numerous pump
assemblies are available for the heating technology market.
Industrial applications will benefit from new pressure gauges, diaphragm seals and
pressure transducers.
The extensive range of handheld measuring instruments and event reporting systems has
been extended once again.
The catalogue is subdivided into 16 clearly structured chapters. Navigation in a catalogue has never been easier: lateral tabs get you directly to the tables of contents of the individual chapters with references to the product pages and overview tables. The pages contain product descriptions, application examples, dimensional drawings, technical specifications, packing units, part numbers and prices. A comprehensive index with product names and generic terms provides easy access to a wealth of information.

The new catalogue is available in printed form - visit to get your free copy.

Fresh from the press - the new AFRISO catalogue 2011/2012
Visit to get your free copy
of the brand new AFRISO catalogue 2011/2012.