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New pressure transducer DMU 600/20
The new AFRISO compact pressure transducer DMU 600/20 converts the pressure of gases and liquids such as air, chemical gases, water, oils or petrol into a proportional electrical signal.

DMU 600/20 uses a piezo-resistive silicon measuring cell which provides high accuracy even at low pressure and excels with a high resistance to chemicals. DMU 600/20 converts relative pressures in the measuring ranges from 0/4 mbar to 0/40 bar with an accuracy of < ±1 % FSO; it is suitable for ambient and fluid temperatures of -25 °C to 85 °C. The housing and the G1/4B process connection are made of stainless steel 304. DMU 600/20 is supplied with DC 10–32 V and delivers a 4–20 mA output signal.

The electrical connection with connector and junction box as per ISO 4400 (DIN 43650-A) has a degree of protection IP 65. DMU 600/20 is optionally available with other measuring ranges, process connections, electrical connections and other output signals.

The DMU 600/20 pressure transducer is mass-produced in automated production facilities so that its extremely competitive price makes it highly attractive to OEMs.

New pressure transducer DMU 600/20
The new robust pressure transducer
DMU 600/20 from AFRISO:
Precise, cost-effective, high-quality.
Available for measuring ranges from 0/4 mbar
to 0/40 bar. The right choice for OEMs.