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Leading-edge innovation: Automatic fuel oil de-aerators FloCo-TOP-2
Multiple filtration for the cleanest fuel oil ever

Modern fuel oil heating systems are rated exactly to the heat requirements of a building. Tanks are becoming smaller, pipes, ducts and nozzles are becoming finer - and they can clog faster. Heating systems are increasingly susceptible to malfunctions. Therefore, professional equipment for oil fired heating systems is key in the efficient operation of such facilities. A decisive factor is the provision of "clean", de-aerated fuel oil. Today, fine filter insert development has all but reached its limits - making new, flexible filter concepts necessary. AFRISO now offers a solution for ultra-pure fuel oil.

Leading-edge innovation: The new automatic fuel oil de-aerator FloCo-TOP-2 safety version with integrated filter and shut-off valve was developed by AFRISO for continuous de-aeration and filtration of fuel oil, diesel oil and biodiesel with 0-20 % FAME in oil fired heating systems (single-line systems with return supply). Multiple filtration is an innovation which feeds the fuel oil returning from the burner directly to the supply or subjects it to additional filtration. The purity of the fuel oil is continuously increased, which improves combustion and optimises the burner values.

This innovative filter concept, which achieves genuine 5 µm filtration if an ultra-fine filter is used, surpasses all recommended oil purity levels recommended for state-of-the-art heating systems!

The de-aerator features a metal housing with changeover valve for multiple filtration and integrated backflow preventer with pressure relief towards the tank. A pressure gauge (-0.7/0.9 bar) serves as a service indicator since increasing pollution of the filter insert causes the vacuum to rise; as a result, it is easy to see when the filter needs to be changed. In addition, the unit is equipped with a shut-off cock, a drain unit and a bypass valve. The shut-off valve allows the user to check the suction capacity of the burner pump. The drain unit ensures easy and clean replacement of the filter: the bypass valve is used to drain the fuel oil when the burner hose needs to be replaced. The plastic de-aerator vent integrates a triple float safety system which keeps oil foam from escaping via the de-aerator hole. When the vent hose is connected, the unit is completely odour-tight and complies with the stringent PROOFED BARRIER criteria. FloCo-TOP-2 is suitable for a return flow of up to max. 120 l/h and operating temperatures of up to 60 °C. The following connections are available: tank side G 3/8 female and burner side G 3/8 male (G ¼ female optional) with 60° cone. The new FloCo-TOP-2 fuel oil de-aerator is TÜV tested and complies with EN 12514-2. Due to the standard screw connections and the click system, the device is fast and easy to install and can be used with any heating system.
Leading-edge innovation: Automatic fuel oil de-aerators FloCo-TOP-2
The new AFRISO FloCo-TOP-2 fuel oil
de-aerator was designed for continuous
de-aeration of fuel oil, biofuel, diesel fuel and
biodiesel in oil fired systems. The de-aerator
features innovative multiple filtration which
ensures maximum filtration of dirt particles.
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