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Handheld electronic thermometer TMD7
From ice-cold to scalding hot

The new AFRISO TMD7 electronic thermometer is a highly ergonomic device designed to measure the temperature of surfaces, liquids and soft plastic media as well as air and gases.

The robust, extremely lightweight measuring instrument is perfectly protected against dirt and shocks by means of a plastic protective sleeve. A magnet is provided at the rear side of the instrument to allow for hands-free operation, e.g. for adjustment work at gas heaters. The transflective LC display ensures excellent readability under all light conditions. The lit display allows for simultaneous indication of two measured values (current value, min. or max. value). It is sufficient to press a button to display the differential temperature. TMD7 performs an automatic segment test when the program starts. Measurements are extremely fast and the results are stored. The instrument measures temperatures from -50 °C to +1,100 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C to 1 °C. TMD7 features two sockets for thermocouples for connection of various probes which are available as accessories. Air probes, gas probes, liquid probes, surface probes, spike probes, clamp probes and high-temperature probes are available to support a wide range of applications. TMD7 has an extremely low power consumption: two standard 1.5 V AA batteries allow for up to one hundred hours of operation.

The new TMD7 electronic thermometer is approved as per the German "1. BImSchV" and EN 50379-2 and TÜV-tested. Therefore, it is also a perfect solution wherever official measurements need to be taken.

Handheld electronic thermometer TMD7
The AFRISO TMD7 handheld electronic
thermometer is EN 50379-2-certified and
measures temperatures from -50 °C to
+1,100 °C. The instrument is also approved
for official measurements.