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Hydraulic balancing with valve range VarioQ
Measure and adjust - hydraulic balancing is as simple as that

On its way to the radiators and back to the boiler, the hot water flow in heating systems always chooses the path of least resistance. Without hydraulic balancing, radiators further away from the pump are supplied with insufficient amounts of hot water while radiators close to the pump receive too much hot water. The consequences: uneven heat release, the heating times of rooms differ, excessive power consumption due to incorrectly adjusted or oversized circulation pumps and many others. Hydraulic balancing means that that the circulation pump, flow temperature, fittings and valves are adjusted in such a way that all rooms are heated evenly and pumps and heating systems operate in an energy-efficient manner. In Germany, hydraulic balancing is obligatory (DIN 18380, German Energy Saving Regulation EnEV).

With the new, patented VarioQ valve range from GAMPPER ARMATUREN, a brand of the AFRISO group, hydraulic balancing can be done directly at the radiator.

Traditional hydraulic balancing often involves a lot of estimating and approximation since precise information on the pipe system is unavailable. In old systems, pipe lengths and cross sections are rarely documented. This means that an essential component required for rating and adjusting the valves is missing in renovation projects. The VarioQ valve range uses a completely different, more precise approach for hydraulic balancing: calculation, measuring and adjusting. The flow temperature, the radiator capacity and the heat requirements of the rooms to be heated are used as a basis for the calculation. Estimated values or parameters of the pipe system do not have to be considered. The entire balancing process is extremely simple: first, the optimum water volume and the required thermostat valve are determined for each radiator using the easy-to-use VarioQCalc software. Then, the new VarioQ thermostat valves which feature a fixed calibrated measuring unit are mounted. After that, the data is transferred from the VarioQCalc software to the HMG 10 handheld measuring instrument via USB. With the HMG 10 measuring instrument which calculates the flow in litres by means of differential pressure measurement, the water volume can be adjusted at the valve; no additional conversion is required. The heating system expert can adjust the heat distribution directly at each radiator. The measuring instrument contains a database with more than 1,200 standard measuring valves and line fittings.

The VarioQ valve range complies with EN-215 in terms of dimensions. In existing systems, it is possible to replace valves without having to change the connection pipes. An extensive selection of accessories such as thermostat valve bodies, radiator return fittings, combination blocks for compact radiators with valve and thermostat control heads in all standard designs and nominal diameters round off the new VarioQ valve range.

Hydraulic balancing with valve range VarioQ
Hydraulic balancing - not really anybody's
favourite. The new, patented VarioQ valve
range from GAMPPER ARMATUREN, a brand
of the AFRISO group, makes this unpopular
chore more enjoyable. Hydraulic balancing
is performed directly at the radiator.
Measure, adjust, done.