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AFRISO at the IFH/intherm in Nuremberg
Visit AFRISO at the IFH in Nuremberg

Renewable energies, energy efficiency and conservation of resources take centre stage at the IFH/intherm in Nuremberg from April 18 to 21, 2012. No sanitation, heating, air conditioning or renewable energy company can afford to pass on this trade fair. About 700 exhibitors from Germany and abroad demonstrate their solutions, products and services from the sanitation, heating and air conditioning industries. This trade fair is an absolute must for all professional craftspeople, industrial and specialised wholesale professionals, architects, planners, solar installers, energy consultants and decision-makers. The trade fair focuses on topics such as barrier-free bathrooms, the new German Drinking Water Act and the German Energy Saving Regulation EnEV 2012. The special show "High-efficiency building renovation" will highlight the operation of various heating systems as well as renovation strategies and savings potentials. The future belongs to buildings that generate more energy than they consume. Such climate neutral buildings are what’s best for people and the environment.
"The best meeting place for all HVAC professionals." This is the motto of this year's IFH/intherm trade fair taking place in Nuremberg from April 18 to 21. "The best products for all HVAC professionals." This would have been a great alternative to our motto " Reducing heating costs, protecting the environment, living safely" AFRISO will be showcasing a comprehensive portfolio of new and proven measuring, control and monitoring devices for building technology and environmental protection in hall 9, stand 401 + 500.

Not only do these products protect the environment and buildings or facilitate the day-to-day work of HVAC professionals, energy consultants, tank protection companies and chimney sweeps, they also contribute to reducing heating costs.

For example, hydraulic balancing helps to reduce the energy consumption of heating systems and heats up rooms evenly. The patented valve range VarioQ from GAMPPER ARMATUREN, a brand of the AFRISO group, brings new dimensions to hydraulic balancing. The VarioQ product range comprises the VarioQCalc software, the HMG 10 handheld measuring instrument, thermostat control heads, thermostat valve bodies and combination blocks as well as radiator return fittings.

The new leak test set series DPK 60-5, DPK 60-6 and DPK 60-7 will introduce visitors to state-of-the-art pressure testing of heating and drinking water installations From a cost-effective mechanical test set to a fully integrated, digital set in a sturdy carrying case - one of the base sets will definitely meet your specific testing. The sets can perform pressure, tightness and load tests at gas pipes, oil pipes, drinking water installations or heating and solar systems. The open device concept allows for modular expansion so additional tests such as waste water can be done. The contents of the leak test sets can be individually determined to meet the user's specific requirements.

In addition, we will be presenting a great variety of new, professional components, assemblies and measuring instruments such as air/sludge separators, piston type anti-siphon valves, fuel oil de-aerators as well as flue gas, pressure and temperature measuring instruments.

Our innovative products provide the right amount of heat at the right time and reduce the energy consumption and emissions of existing buildings as well as future buildings that will generate more energy than they consume.
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