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AFRISO training courses 2012
You are what you learn.

>We learn not for school but for<. >Anyone who stops improving has stopped being good<. >There is no disgrace in not knowing, but there is in not wanting to learn<. There are hundreds of proverbs on the subject of learning. But it still holds true today: Those with the latest industry and product knowledge have a clear advantage and are better able to keep pace with the times.

There is no getting around the subject of further education; professionals need to know about today's issues, e.g. >renewable energies<, >modern heating systems< and >energy savings potential in the home<. These issues are constantly in the media and the general public is quite well informed. Those who have the right answers win people's trust.

Again in 2012 AFRISO is offering a series of professional and hands-on training courses and seminars which focus on current subjects and standards and address the corresponding issues.

The following one-day seminars are offered:
Heating system check according to EN 15378
Hydraulic balancing
Gas installation inspections
Managers in Sales
We also offer the two-day seminar
Tank protection and leak protection linings
with a theoretical and practical focus.

Those wanting to acquire a VDI 6023 certificate in connection with drinking water hygiene, and who already hold a professional qualification, have an opportunity to do so at the two-day seminar
Certificate course: VDI 6023 drinking water hygiene
For further information on course subjects, venues and dates, please visit or phone +49 7135 102200.
AFRISO training courses 2012
In 2012 AFRISO is offering another series of professional and
practice-orientated training courses and seminars.