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Mixing valve ARV: flexibility and reliability
The new, compact AFRISO ARV 3-way and 4-way mixing valves have been designed for universal application in water-operated heating systems and cooling systems for distribution and mixing.

The 4-way version can also be used for dual admixture. The 3-way mixing valve provides for a precise mixing ratio of hot boiler water and cold water from the return line to obtain the desired flow temperature. The 4-way mixing valve allows for high return temperatures to avoid corrosion damage to boilers. The brass body contains a regulating element which can be accurately set to an angle of 90° between the hot water inlet and the cold water inlet via an anti-slip adjustment handle with a scale and a limiting ring with an indicator. The ARV mixing valve is suitable for a great variety of installation situations; the scope of delivery includes a scale from "0 to 10" for horizontal mounting and a scale from "10 to 0" for vertical mounting. A protrusion at the adjustment handle shows the exact position of the regulating element in the valve. This allows for easy checking of the function of the valve. The low torque of the regulating element of < 2 Nm max. ensures that adjustments are easy to make. The ARV mixing valves are designed for pressures of up to 10 bar and temperatures of the medium of -10 to 110 °C. They are available with all standard connections and nominal diameters. The ARV mixing valves can also be automated with the new compact, silent and maintenance-free AFRISO ARM actuators. Due to the low torque, there is almost no load on the actuators, which results in a long service life.

Various mounting kits also allow for connection to and operation with mixers of other manufacturers (such as BRV, Hora, HOVAL, IMIT, IVAR, LK, OLYMP, PAW, Seltron, Somatherm, WIP and, to a certain extent, ESBE).
Mixing valve ARV: flexibility and reliability
The new AFRISO ARV 3-way and 4-way mixing valves are designed for use in heating and cooling systems operated with water and offer maximum installation flexibility. The valves are easy to operate and can be automated with AFRISO actuators.