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New series ARM electrical actuators
One for all: the ARM actuator

The new AFRISO ARM electrical actuators are designed to operate 3-way and 4-way mixing valves DN 20 to DN 50 in heating systems and cooling systems operated with water.

The ARM 323, ARM 434 and ARM 443 actuators require a digital 3-point input signal and are supplied with AC 230 V. Type ARM 994 is available for analogue signals 0(2)-10 V, 0(4)-20 mA and AC/DC 24 V; this actuator offers a higher torque as compared to the other models (10 Nm instead of 6 Nm). The silent and maintenance-free ARM actuator provides an angle of rotation of 0/90° and can be switched over from automatic mode to manual mode. A rotary knob with a scale allows for fast and precise adjustment of the mixing valve. Two yellow LEDs indicate the direction of rotation of the motor. Type ARM 443 also features a red LED for the switching state of a microswitch for controlling a pump.

The ARM actuators are suitable for a great variety of installation situations; the scope of delivery includes a scale from "0 to 10" for horizontal mounting and a scale from "10 to 0" for vertical mounting. An integrated protection system keeps the mixing valve from blocking. A pre-assembled, coloured connection cable is provided for easy installation. In conjunction with the new AFRISO ARV 3-way and 4-way mixing valves with their low torque, there is almost no load on the ARM actuators, which results in a long service life.

Various mounting kits also allow the ARM actuators to be connected to and operated with mixers of other manufacturers (such as BRV, Hora, HOVAL, IMIT, IVAR, LK, OLYMP, PAW, Seltron, Somatherm, WIP and, to a certain extent, ESBE). The actuators are manufactured according to the latest technologies and excel with a high force. The actuators are optionally available with 2-point signal control or with mounting kits for mixers of series Centra DR/ZR, Contra DRU, ESBE VRG, Honeywell V5442/V5433, Meibes (all mixers), PAW (short axis) as well as Siemens VBI/VBF.
One for all: the ARM actuator One for all: the ARM actuator
The new AFRISO ARM actuators excel with a
high force and are used to operate 3-way
and 4-way mixing valves. They can be
reliably operated with most third-party
mixers via mounting kits.
The factory setting of the new AFRISO ARM
actuator is 50 % open. The actuator requires
no maintenance after it has been mounted,
adjusted and commissioned.