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Getting the heating system in shape
In heating systems, the heat is distributed by means of hot water that flows through all the radiators in all the rooms as well as though underfloor heating systems. On its way to the radiators and back to the boiler, the hot water flow always chooses the path of least resistance. Therefore, radiators close to the pump receive too much hot water while radiators further away from the pump are supplied with insufficient amounts of hot water. The consequence: Even though the thermostat in a room further away is on the highest setting, the radiator is barely warm. By the same token, a radiator close to the boiler gets much too hot even at a low thermostat setting. In addition, disturbing flow noise can be heard. The conventional solution to such problems was to increase the pump capacity or the flow temperature - which dramatically increased the energy consumption.

The only really effective remedy is hydraulic balancing which ensures that each radiator is supplied with exactly the amount of water that is actually needed. Hydraulic balancing means that that the circulation pump, flow temperature, fittings and valves are adjusted in such a way that all rooms are heated evenly and the energy consumption is considerably reduced. With the new AFRISO VarioQ valve range, the heating system expert can perform hydraulic balancing directly at the radiator. Hydraulic balancing causes neither noise nor dirt and can result in energy savings of 15 percent and more. The entire balancing process is extremely simple for the heating system expert: First, the optimum water volume and the required thermostat valve are determined for each radiator using a software program. After mounting the valves, the heating system expert transfers the data from the program to the handheld measuring instrument, which allows for precise adjustment of the heat requirements at each radiator. In Germany, hydraulic balancing is a legal requirement.

Hydraulic balancing is not free, but the next utilities bill will show that it really pays off.

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Getting the heating system in shape!
With the new AFRISO VarioQ valve range, hydraulic balancing can be done directly at the radiator. Hydraulic balancing causes neither noise nor dirt and can result in energy savings of 15 percent and more