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AFRISO on YouTube
Video clips which showcase the latest AFRISO technologies and products

Companies are increasingly using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, XING, YouTube, etc. The Internet video portal YouTube, founded in California in 2005, has become extremely popular because it allows users to view and upload videos free of charge. More and more companies create their own channels on YouTube in order to present new products, services, trade fair information, etc. Videos with animations are excellent tools to introduce users to the function and operation of new technologies and products. The AFRISO channel at provides a variety of video clips which showcase the latest AFRISO technologies and products.

AFRISO, a measuring and control technology company with a corporate tradition of more than 140 years, has established its own Brand Channel on the Google video platform YouTube. Currently, more than a dozen videos with a length from approx. 3 to 12 minutes in a number of different languages provide interesting insights into leading edge AFRISO products.

For example, a video clip demonstrates the application areas and ease of use of the EUROLYZER STe flue gas analyser; a second video presents a chimney sweep at work performing a 4 Pa measurement including documentation. A further video clip shows a chimney sweep using the moisture measuring instrument MFM 20 to accurately determine the residual moisture and temperature. The next movie covers the individual steps involved in hydraulic balancing with the handheld measuring instrument HMG 10 (precise determination of the heat requirements, adjustment of the circulation pump, adjustment of the fittings and valves, etc.); a related video with the title "VarioQ Thermostat Valve" provides information on the appropriate product range.

The clip "Automatic Fuel Oil De-aerator FloCo-TOP-2" introduces the function principle and benefits of multiple filtration. The movie "Tightness test as per DVGW/ZVSHK" shows how easy it is to perform this test with the leak test set DPK 60-7. The new AFRISO channel is geared towards the Internet savvy audience.
AFRISO on YouTube
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