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AFRISO DA 10, DA 12 and DA 14 digital display units
Lots of technology in a small housing

The new AFRISO DA 10, DA 12 and DA 14 digital display units are suitable for displaying measured values and evaluating and controlling standard signals (4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-1 V, 0-10 V) from electronic transducers especially in level applications. The connected transducer is supplied with galvanically isolated 20 V direct voltage; the measuring input can be configured as a current input or as a voltage input.

The user interface with selectable display languages (English, German, French, Italian) ensures fast commissioning. Bearing charts for all standard cylindrical, horizontal tanks and spherical tanks are pre-programmed. A 24-point linearisation can be calculated for non-linear tanks and special tanks so that the volume can be displayed, for example, in litres.

In addition to pre-programmed units, it is possible to set up custom display units. The units are scalable and shown as bar charts. All physical analogue values are shown on the display to monitor the inputs and outputs. The display shows a blinking error message if values are exceeded. A large, grey display with white backlight and five-digit graphical indication provides excellent readability. The automatic off function for the display backlight is adjustable.

The robust display units DA 10, DA 12 and DA 14 have a standard rack mounting housing (96 x 48 mm) and can be supplied with 20–253 V DC/AC. Even the basic version DA 10 features a galvanically isolated analogue current output. Depending on the device version DA 12 and DA 14, the units feature up to 4 voltage-free relay outputs as limit switches (e.g. for pumps, valves, etc.) and 2 galvanically isolated analogue outputs. Additional supply, display, control and evaluation units are not required.
AFRISO DA 10, DA 12 and DA 14 digital display units
The AFRISO DA 10/12/14 digital display units are ideal for smaller-scale measuring and control tasks in level measurement applications: Exhibited at the Brau Beviale 2012 in Nuremberg from November 13 to 15, 2012.