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AFRISO ZAG 01 additional alarm unit
When every second counts

The new AFRISO ZAG 01 additional alarm unit can be used to display and transmit alarm signals from AFRISO alarm units or leak detectors as well as other switching equipment. ZAG 01 can be connected to a voltage-free output contact or to a 230 V alarm output of an alarm unit via a signal cable.

The alarm unit generates visual and audible alarm signals; the audible alarm can be muted by means of an Acknowledge button. The visual alarm remains active until the cause of the alarm has been remedied. The ZAG 01 alarm signal can also be transferred to external equipment (alarm devices, communication devices, building control units, etc.) via two output relays (2 voltage-free changeover contacts, 1 can be acknowledged).

A test button allows for function checks (it is recommended to perform a function check at regular intervals). The control unit in an impact-resistant plastic housing contains all display elements and controls as well as all electronic components for evaluating the alarm signal. ZAG 01 is suitable for ambient temperatures from -10 to +60 °C and supplied with AC 230 V. The alarm unit is designed for wall-mounting; however, an optional mounting frame also allows for easy integration into panels. A sealing kit (IP 54) is available for rough application conditions. The additional alarm unit is fast and easy to install and commission.
AFRISO ZAG 01 additional alarm unit
The new AFRISO ZAG 01 additional alarm unit is used for visual and audible alarms and for transferring alarm signals to other equipment.