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Eurovac HV vacuum type leak detector
Tank monitoring with maximum safety

Corrosion can cause leaks in single-walled and double-walled tanks. If the storage medium gets into the groundwater, this may result in massive damage to the environment and dire consequences for the person in charge. If the new AFRISO Eurovac HV leak detector is properly installed, operated and maintained, such disastrous accidents can be almost fully excluded.

The new AFRISO Eurovac HV vacuum type leak detector is a class 1 leak detector as per EN 13160. The device is suitable for indicating leaks in unpressurised tanks for aboveground or underground storage of water-polluting liquids with a flash point of > 55 °C (formerly danger class AIII) which do not become viscous and which do not form solid matter deposits. Eurovac HV is approved for the following tanks: double-walled steel tanks as per EN 12285-1/-2, DIN 6618-2/-4, DIN 6619-2, DIN 6623-2, DIN 6624-2, DIN 6608, DIN 6616 and DIN 6625 and for single-walled steel tanks or plastic tanks with an inner lining (as a leak protection lining); all of these tanks must have an approval of the German Institute for Building Technology for connection of a vacuum type leak detector such as the new Eurovac HV.

The new Eurovac HV leak detector contains the following elements in a compact plastic housing: all display elements and controls, a vacuum pump, a pressure sensor, a filter and hose connections for the connection to the interstitial space of the tank in which an operating pressure of approx. -400 mbar is maintained. Eurovac HV has proven itself over decades - the new version comes with a number of improvements: the vacuum pump is now driven by an economical DC motor with a high starting torque (energy efficiency class A++). A pump operating time indicator is contained in the inside of the housing. The noise level has been reduced. The device features visual and audible alarms with an Acknowledge button, a test button for function tests, a service indicator for annual maintenance and a switching output for building control systems.

The new hose connection technology ensures permanently improved tightness; coloured connection pieces allow for easy connection of the 4 mm or 6 mm hoses without confusion. The sintered plastic filter in the condensate trap indicates the degree of pollution and can be replaced from the outside. Electrical connection is possible from the top or the bottom. An optional 9 V battery triggers an alarm in the case of a power failure. The address of the installing company can be printed on the unit. The design corresponds to that of the AFRISO product family; the appearance not only ensures customer confidence, but also underpins the professionalism of the specialised company.

The leak detector is suitable for ambient temperatures from -5/+50 °C and supplied with AC 100-240 V. For outdoor applications, Eurovac HV is available in a protective housing or in a protective housing with heating (IP 55). Eurovac HV has the Technical Approval Z-65.22-4 of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).
Eurovac HV vacuum type leak detector
Tank monitoring with maximum safety – the new AFRISO Eurovac HV leak detector: The predecessor has proven itself in thousands of applications; the new version of Eurovac HV features considerable improvements. Energy efficiency class A++.