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HMG 01 handheld measuring instrument for hydraulic balancing
Optimum solution for hydraulic balancing of existing systems

Hydraulic balancing is becoming increasingly popular. But what about modernisation of existing heating systems where all conventional methods of hydraulic balancing have failed so far? How is it possible to adjust radiators without knowing the pressure loss upstream of the valve? VarioQ, a system from Gampper Armaturen, a brand of the AFRISO group, provides a simple, yet precise method.

With the VarioQCalc software, you can determine the required water volume per radiator without having information on the pipe system. Only the flow temperature of the system, the radiator capacity and the heat requirements of the individual rooms are needed as a basis for the calculation. On the basis of the data it is possible to determine which VarioQ thermostat valve to mount on each radiator. The adjustment values are transferred to a measuring instrument. This measuring instrument allows for precise balancing directly at the radiator; the measurement itself only takes about 2 minutes. The VarioQ technology enables fast hydraulic balancing of existing and new heating systems and provides considerable energy savings at a relatively low investment outlay.

The new AFRISO HMG 01 handheld measuring instrument for hydraulic balancing was designed for differential pressure measurement and adjustment of the flow rate in heating and refrigeration systems. In conjunction with VarioQ thermostat valves and thermostat combination blocks, it can be used for fast hydraulic balancing directly at the radiator.

The valves are connected to the two measuring instrument connections by means of measuring hoses. HMG 01 is a simple, lightweight handheld measuring instrument with a display for visualisation of the results of measurements. The flow coefficients of the measuring valves can be set manually via a button; the VarioQ S, M, L thermostat valve bodies are stored in the measuring instrument. The flow rate through the VarioQ valve is shown on the HMG 01 display so that the desired rate can be adjusted at the valve easily, rapidly and accurately without conversion.

The measured values for differential pressure can be displayed in "Pa", "hPa", "kPa", "MPa", "mbar", "bar", "psi", "at", "mmH 20", "cmH 20", "mH 20", "mmHg" and the measured values for the flow rate in "m3/h", "l/s", "l/min", "l/h", "USgal/s", "USgal/m", "USgal/h", "UKgal/s", "UKgal/m" and "UKgal/h". HMG 01 features an intuitive calibration function in multiple languages for balancing the differential pressure. HMG 01 has a nominal pressure range of 1,000 kPa, can withstand an overpressure from -1,000 to 1,500 kPa and is suitable for temperatures of the medium from -5 to +90 °C. The unit is supplied via 2 rechargeable 1.2 V NiMH batteries. The scope of delivery includes the measuring instrument with calibration report, measuring hoses, measuring needles and operating tools for VarioQ. Accessories for measuring line valves are also available.
AFRISO HMG 01 handheld measuring instrument for hydraulic balancing
Easy measurements and adjustments of the flow rates directly at the radiator during hydraulic balancing of existing and new heating systems with the AFRISO HMG 01 handheld measuring instrument. The appropriate Gampper valve range VarioQ complies with EN 215. Existing valves can be easily replaced without changes to the connection pipes.