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Fresh from the Press: The New AFRISO Complete Catalogue 2013/2014
Technology selection with more than 25,000 products

The new AFRISO complete catalogue 2013/2014 has arrived. A complete range of measuring, control and monitoring instruments and systems for building technology, industry and environmental production is presented on 800 pages. A technology selection with more than 25,000 products from a single supplier, from the smallest pressure gauges all the way to stationary gas analysis systems - making sure that processes at the customer’s premises work with maximum efficiency and minimised effort.
AFRISO Catalogue 13/14
The catalogue features a fold-out navigation bar with two tables of contents sorted by product range and industry to allow for rapid access to the complete product portfolio. A clear and easy to understand structure with relevant selection criteria and overview tables make sure the customers get directly to their products at maximum speed. The individual catalogue pages comprise detailed product descriptions which provide information on applications, descriptions, technical specifications, options and accessories and also contain discount classes, part numbers, packing units, prices and, in many cases, dimensional drawings.

All new and improved products are highlighted by a "NEW" label. The catalogue is subdivided into 17 clearly structured chapters. Navigation in a catalogue has never been easier: lateral tabs get you directly to the tables of contents of the individual chapters with references to the product pages and overview tables. A comprehensive index with product names and generic terms provides easy access to a wealth of information. The new AFRISO catalogue 2013/2014 is available in printed form - visit to request your free copy.

Leaf through our catalogue directly on the screen (catalogue in german).

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