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ISH fair report
The world’s biggest bathroom and heating show

According to the current final report of the Messe Frankfurt, approx. 190,000 people visited the world’s biggest bathroom and heating show. In previous years, more than 200,000 visitors were counted on a regular basis. The number of exhibitors rose from 2,382 in 2011 to 2,434 companies this year. The ISH’s area of 258,000 m² remained the same.

AFRISO Staubmessgerät STM 225
The new AFRISO dust measuring instrument STM 225, which has already been TÜV-tested for levels 1 + 2, was a popular attraction at the AFRISO fair stand – the measuring instrument was received with avid interest, especially by chimney sweeps.
Winter started in earnest when the fair got underway, causing problems on all roads and rails and in the air. These conditions cost the ISH about 10,000 visitors compared to the previous year, and although the AFRISO stand also suffered as a result, the number of visitors rose considerably in the days that followed. One reason for the pleasing increase in visitor numbers was definitely the new, inviting and open stand design, which was well received on the part of most visitors, customers and staff.

Another reason for the high level of attendance at the fair was the daily appearance of popular weightlifter and Olympic gold medallist Mathias Steiner, who as a qualified central heating system engineer and gas fitter/plumber succeeded in bridging the gap to the visitors to the fair and stand.

The numerous innovations and new products from AFRISO proved to be popular attractions. Leading the way, the new dust measuring instrument STM 225, which has already been TÜV-tested for levels 1 + 2 and which is a complete, maintenance-free system in combination with the flue gas analyser MULTILYZER NG, met with a positive reception, as well as much consideration and attention from critical chimney sweeps. The range of portable measuring instruments for HVAC professionals and chimney sweeps was presented on two additional tables; innovative approaches using the new Eurosoft app (iOS) for communication between measuring instruments and smartphones and iPads were shown.
The AFRISOLabAssist building controller, AFRISOLab app for iOS and Android and EnOcean wireless technology, with which it will be possible to remotely control AFRISO products such as WATCHDOG alarm devices or the comfortable CosiTherm temperature controller for individual rooms, were the subject of much conversation. Furthermore, the compact domestic water system centre HWSC for drinking water system installation and the SolarControl solar controller for universal application as well as hydraulic balancing with the VarioQCalc program and HMG series of measuring instruments for saving energy with low investment outlay were presented.