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Matthias Steiner cycles for children with cancer
Chimney sweeps help children with cancer

The country’s chimney sweeps are living up to their reputation of bringing good luck. The organisation “Chimney sweeps help children with cancer” is putting on the eighth “Good Luck Tour”, one of many of the organisation’s events. Chimney sweeps are getting physically active to raise money for children with cancer. More than 30 chimney sweeps from all over the country are covering a distance of about 1000 kilometres in seven days on racing bikes. While collecting donations to help children with cancer. What started as a bet in 2006 has now become one of Germany’s biggest events in the fight against childhood cancer. The declared goal is to alleviate the grave disease of childhood cancer to some extent and, accordingly, it has been extraordinarily well-received within the chimney sweep profession and among the general public.

Matthias Steiner cycles for children with cancer
Olympic weightlifting champion Mathias Steiner rode along for a leg of the 2013 Good Luck Tour. As a father of two, he enthusiastically decided to put his popularity to good use for this outstanding cause.
When Olympic weightlifting champion Mathias Steiner, brand ambassador for AFRISO since the beginning of 2013, heard about the chimney sweeps’ 2013 Good Luck Tour and the motto “A world without children is like a sky without stars”, the father of two immediately and enthusiastically decided to put his popularity to use for this good cause. The 2013 Good Luck Tour goes through the states North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria, although Matthias Steiner only had time to take part in the 6th stage from Rüdesheim to Aschaffenburg.

Matthias Steiner: “I think the idea of the Good Luck Tour to help kids with cancer is really amazing and awesome; the purpose of the tour is completely fulfilled when you hear just a few stories about how it reduces suffering.” With this event, the women and men on their bikes draw attention to the subject of childhood cancer at various stage finishes, collecting donations and distributing a total of more than 100,000 euros collected last year to the corresponding institutions.

The 2013 Good Luck Tour started on 20 June in Verl; the finish is in Würzburg on 26 June. Likely more than 100,000 euros in donations will be raised by the chimney sweeps with their event, which will then be transferred to the organisation “Chimney sweeps help children with cancer”. The organisation is very grateful for further donations.

The organisation “Chimney sweeps help children with cancer” is grateful for donations. Donations with specification of the donor’s name can be transferred to the following bank account:

Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold
Account No. 503 003 09
Bank Code: 472 601 21

Although the young chimney sweep took good care of this cheque, it was “lost” for a short time when she was buying ice-cream with her grandma. The happier she was when it “reappeared”.