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Matthias Steiner taken with hydraulic balancing
Hydraulic balancing – a hot topic for summer

In heating systems, heat is conveyed by means of hot water which flows through all radiators. However, even when the heater is turned up as high as it will go, rooms which are located far from the heating boiler are often barely warm while closer radiators are burning hot. In addition, whistling and hissing sounds are often annoying. This is where “hydraulic balancing” comes in. For some time now, a complete product range (VarioQ) has been available from AFRISO for certified specialised companies. Heating system makers and fitters can perform hydraulic balancing at their customer’s site without any mess or noise. Especially now: >>> Summer is the ideal time <<< for carrying out heating system maintenance and repair work, hydraulic balancing and modernisation measures. Certified specialised companies can be found at in the "Specialised companies" section.

Olympic weightlifting champion Matthias Steiner, brand ambassador for AFRISO since the beginning of the year, was recently in the historical Baroque town of Amorbach in the Bavarian Odenwald in order to find out about hydraulic balancing with the VarioQ thermostat valves from AFRISO. As a qualified heating system maker and gas fitter/plumber, Matthias Steiner obviously had no difficulties finding the right questions to ask on this subject, including critical ones. Complete hydraulic balancing was performed by HVAC specialist Claus Fecher GmbH from Schneeberg in a building belonging to the Fürstlich Leiningenschen Verwaltung using AFRISO technology.

Matthias Steiner was able to form a comprehensive opinion and found out what dramatic results can be achieved with hydraulic balancing: high energy savings in the last heating season and satisfied tenants, who can attest to an improved indoor climate and greater heating comfort. An interview was conducted with the Administrator of the Prince of Leiningen Estate and Managing Director Matthias Gangl from Claus Fecher GmbH. On Thursday, 11 July, the informational visit was rounded off in a small circle with the Mayor of Amorbach, Peter Schmitt, and an entry in the golden book of the town of Amorbach. Matthias Steiner, a well-known and popular figure, then visited the varied tourist sights of this romantic town.

Olympic weightlifting champion Matthias Steiner, who among other capacities also serves as brand ambassador for AFRISO, was recently in a building belonging to the Fürstlich Leiningenschen Verwaltung in Amorbach in order to find out about the effects of hydraulic balancing. The day with Matthias Steiner was recorded on film and can be viewed in this article and on YouTube

Matthias Steiner during filming with AFRISO cameraman and photographer Oliver Hees: both are always in a good mood, ready to help out with heart and hand and an easy retort – in Swabian German such happy characters are called “Pfundskerle”, meaning generous and helpful fellows!

Matthias Steiner signs his name in the golden book of the romantic Baroque town of Amorbach/Odw. A rather easy task for an athlete who is used to handling very heavy weights and who won gold at the Olympic Games in China.

Matthias Steiner in an animated dialogue with Mayor of Amorbach Peter Schmitt. Hydraulic balancing is beneficial not only for home owners but also for public buildings because they have many rooms and each room has its own radiator. High savings are possible with little investment outlay and measures.