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CosiTherm single room temperature controller for maximum convenience and low energy costs
A comprehensive range of single room temperature controllers

Single room temperature controllers for heating systems are highly efficient if multiple rooms are to be heated to different temperatures at different times. They allow the temperature in each room to be adjusted according to individual time programmes. With EnOcean wireless technology, the temperature adjustments can be controlled remotely. The benefits comprise maximum comfort, easy retrofitting, reduced installation costs and optimum use of energy.

The new AFRISO CosiTherm single room temperature controller was designed to control the temperature of individual rooms in connection with manifold systems for heating and cooling, also remotely.
The new AFRISO CosiTherm series is a comprehensive range of single room temperature controllers. CosiTherm controls the temperature of individual rooms in connection with manifold systems for heating and cooling. The base version of the new controllers consists of a basic module, at least one controller module with 2 or 6 independent control circuits and a corresponding number of room temperature sensors.

All controller modules and room temperature sensors are available as wired and wireless versions without battery and can be combined according to requirements and conditions in the building. The wireless version can be integrated into building automation systems with the building controller AFRISOLab Assist. The temperature values and humidity information transmitted via EnOcean wireless technology are primarily used for temperature control; however, this data can also be monitored via AFRISOLab for energy-saving purposes. For example, the reference values for the temperature can be set via a network, the Internet or smartphone and tablet apps. This comes in very handy, for instance, if the user wants to control the temperature in holiday homes or apartments or does not always come home from work at the same time. The basic module features 2 independently programmable switching channels for temperature reduction, 9 programmable memory blocks and a valve and pump protection function. The additional pump running time is adjustable. The basic module BM is suitable for ambient temperatures from –10 °C to +60 °C and supplied with AC 230 V. An optional timer module UM for easy programming of the temperature reduction, the pump operating time and the valve protection function can be plugged into the basic module.

With their timeless design, the wireless and wired room temperature sensors of the new AFRISO CosiTherm system can be integrated into virtually all interior architecture designs and are unobtrusive on virtually any type of wall (all types of wallpaper, including fabric, wood, ingrain, etc.) as well as plaster, wood, concrete, stone or brick).
The timer module features an integrated hundred year calendar to display date, time and day of the week. The controller modules RM are available as wired or wireless 2x modules for 2 room temperature sensors and 8 actuators or as 6x modules for 6 room temperature sensors and 24 actuators. The maximum CosiTherm system consists of 18 control circuits, for example, 9 controller modules for two control circuits each or 3 controller modules for 6 control circuits each. The terminals of the controller modules are colour coded, which facilitates the assignment of the wires of the cables; in conjunction with the DIN rail snap connectors at the rear of the housing, this ensures fast and easy installation. The extremely flat (12.5 mm) room temperature sensors R D wired, R FT wireless (with solar cell) and R FTB radio (with battery) measure the actual temperature in the room, compare it to the reference temperature and control the volume flow of the heating/cooling water via the thermal actuators of the manifold system.

The room temperature sensor R FTFB radio (with battery) also measures the room humidity in a range of 0/100 %. The version with EnOcean wireless technology does not need cables or batteries, is maintenance-free and suitable for retrofitting to existing systems due to the surface mounting feature. With their timeless design, the room temperature sensors can be fitted to virtually any type of wall (all types of wallpaper, including fabric, wood, ingrain, etc.) as well as plaster, wood, concrete, stone or brick. In virtually all interior architecture designs, they are completely unobtrusive. The single room temperature controller CosiTherm considerably contributes to reducing energy costs and CO2 emission.