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AFRISO wins Red Dot Award 2014
Hard and successful work rewarded

The Red Dot Design Award, dating back to 1955, is one of the most prestigious and renowned international awards. In three disciplines – Product Design, Communication Design, Design Concept – Red Dot documents the world's most outstanding trends and the best designs. The Red Dot quality seal rewards hard and successful work. The striking appearance of the seal generates maximum attention at first sight, ensuring that customers associate a brand with outstanding design quality.

Hard and successful work rewarded: The MULTILYZER STe flue gas analyser and the FT room temperature sensor from AFRISO have received a Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014.
Two new AFRISO products have received the coveted Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014: the MULTILYZER STe flue gas analyser and the FT room temperature sensor. In this year's competition, the international jury evaluated 4,815 submissions from 53 countries. Designs with outstanding quality and innovativeness won the much sought-after prize. The 40 jury members recognised the high level of design quality and innovative power of the two products and awarded a Red Dot quality seal to AFRISO. In addition to the outstanding design, the two products excel with superior technology.

MULTILYZER STe is an ergonomically designed flue gas analyser with a robust protective sleeve and integrated magnets for easy handling. The device is operated via a touch pad. The compact all-rounder can accommodate up to six gas measuring cells as well as two pressure sensors and three temperature sensors to provide all the functionality needed to service virtually any heating system on the market. A TFT display for visualisation of the measured values, colour-coded menus and representation of values as well as intuitive operation of the measuring programs ensure maximum ease of use. The new ECO sensor technology provides for extremely short response times. A comprehensive range of data communication features ensures optimum connectivity: System-independent storage of data on microSD cards, communication via USB or infrared, Bluetooth Smart for additional measuring instruments, printers and smartphones/tablets as well as a QR code generator for communication with software applications.

With its neutral tone of white and a height of only 12.5 mm, the room temperature sensor can be integrated into virtually any interior architecture of any building new or old, even in combination with conventional switch ranges. Technically, this masterpiece offers the convenience and ease of use of the most advanced smart home technology: transmission of the actual ambient temperature, adjustment of the desired temperature and, optionally, transmission of the actual room humidity. The integrated EnOcean wireless module transmits the data to a central gateway or to a room temperature controller. The energy required to send reference temperature and actual temperature values is generated by means of an integrated photovoltaic cell.