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Smart buildings with EnOcean technology from AFRISO
Excellent vantage point into the world of building automation

The current trends in building technology make life safer, simpler and more convenient. Building automation systems to date tended to be very expensive complete solutions that could only be installed by highly specialised companies. EnOcean wireless and battery-less technology has dramatically changed this situation. This unique technology uses energy harvesting, is maintenance-free and makes wiring - an expensive, time-consuming, noisy and dirty job - a thing of the past.

In the case of a leak, the AFRISO WaterControl 01 control unit automatically closes the water pipe via EnOcean wireless technology to reliably and quickly keep further water from escaping.
AFRISO, a medium-sized measuring and control technology specialist with a background of 145 years in manufacturing measuring, control and monitoring technology for domestic, industrial and environmental protection applications, is convinced of the wireless and battery-less EnOcean technology. Some of the reasons include the fact that the wireless EnOcean sensors generate the required energy from environmental energies such as pressure, light and temperature so that they are completely independent of power supplies; in addition, EnOcean-based building automation can be built and extended in a modular way. There are numerous additional reasons for AFRISO to firmly believe in the successful future of the combination of EnOcean wireless sensors and AFRISO products. AFRISO offers a comprehensive, proven range of alarm units for building technology applications. Ever since the 1950s, AFRISO has been developing products for the safe storage of fuel oil; since the energy crisis in 1973, AFRISO has also focused on products for more economical and ecological operation of fuel oil heating systems. Over the decades, this programme has gradually been developed into today's renowned range of AFRISO WATCHDOG alarm units. These alarm units are used to detect and monitor accumulations of liquids, level, leaks, gases and smoke and report such events. The integration of the wireless, battery-less EnOcean technology is a great leap towards advanced building automation and industrial monitoring: Today, it is possible to directly intervene in processes instead of simply signalling that something is not as it should be.

The AFRISO ÖWWG 3 oil/water alarm unit signals accumulations of liquids in, for example, oil storage rooms, drip pans, inspection ducts, ducts, protective pipes, manholes, pipes and cellars. The EnOcean wireless technology allows users to configure responses to such events according to their specific requirements.
An example: A family is on holiday, skiing in the mountains. Back at home, an extended cold front causes a water pipe to burst and water leaks into the utility room: In the past, it was possible to send a message to the owner; it was then up to the owner to take care of any further action and possibly even interrupt the holiday to return home. Now, an AFRISO water sensor with EnOcean wireless technology can detect this leak and send a message to the WaterControl 01 control unit which, in turn, closes the water pipe via a motorised shutoff valve. No more water can escape, further damage in the utility room is avoided. This ensures ease of mind during the residents’ absence from home.

The new AFRISOLab is an excellent vantage point into the world of building automation and security and safety technology. The technology related to AFRISOLab is easy to understand, can be customised to meet individual requirements and is modularly extensible. It is therefore also ideal for renovation projects. A central building controller is at the heart of the system; it networks all sensors for alarm systems, heating systems, air conditioning, blinds, doors, windows and garage entrances via wireless EnOcean.

The building controller acquires, stores and processes all sensor data and consumption data. Based on this data, the building controller then transmits the required messages, measured values, events, etc. to smartphones or tablet PCs via Internet or GSM and allows the user to respond appropriately. The AFRISOLab range, which currently comprises CO2 sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, water sensors, alarm units and a single room temperature controller, is being expanded by further building technology products and applications. As a new member of the EnOcean Alliance, AFRISO makes building more energy- and cost-efficient as well as considerably safer.