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Matthias Steiner cycled again for children with cancer
"Glückstour 2014"

On 24 June, the ninth Good Luck Tour of the organisation “Chimney sweeps help children with cancer” started from the front of the Holsten Gate in Lübeck. With more than one million euros in collected donations for children with cancer, the Good Luck Tour is one of the biggest private relief campaigns in Germany. Many initiatives, parents’ associations, hospitals and research projects have meanwhile received support through these donations in order to help children with cancer and their families.

Member of the German Bundestag Mechthild Rawert, initiator of the Good Luck Tour Ralf Heibrok and Matthias Steiner, presenting a donation cheque from AFRISO to help children with cancer. This and many other donations will be distributed in Dresden on the Good Luck Tour 2015.
The route of this year’s 1,000 km Good Luck Tour ran from Lübeck via Hamburg, Bremen, Langenhagen, Wolfsburg, Tangermünde and Potsdam to Berlin, where some fifty chimney sweeps on their bikes were received with resounding applause in front of the Reichstag (parliament building) on 30 June. This year’s Good Luck Tour distributed donations made in 2013 amounting to EUR 140,000 and collected new donations for the Good Luck Tour 2015.

Olympic weightlifting champion and brand ambassador for AFRISO Matthias Steiner was back again, also pushing pedals with a will on the last stage from Potsdam to Berlin. Matthias Steiner said: “Helping children who have to suffer from cancer using every means available is worthwhile. That’s all there is to it. I’ve already been to the children’s hospital in Heidelberg twice, and the kids get such a kick out of anything good you can do for them.”

The popular weightlifter helps the Good Luck Tour, not only with his pleasant manner, but also with his determination to go the distance for a common cause with the cycling chimney sweeps. Information is available from the organisation “Chimney sweeps help children with cancer” for anyone wishing to participate in the Good Luck Tour 2015 or to make a donation.