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Flue gas analyser BLUELYZER ST
Flue gas analyser with its own website

The AFRISO BLUELYZER ST, the smallest flue gas analyser available worldwide, now has its own website. The HVAC all-rounder which is highly popular with specialised companies can be found at The device is suitable for flue gas analysis, pressure measurement and differential temperature measurement. It is the universal, handheld measuring instrument of choice for measuring small and medium-sized oil and gas fired heating systems according to the German 1st Federal Immission Act (BImSchV) and for CO concentration checks at gas fired systems. The HVAC all-rounder also calculates the Eta value for all condensing heating systems with fuel-specific dew point calculation.

The AFRISO BLUELYZER ST flue gas analyser does not only fit into your pocket, it also has its own website. The device is suitable for measurements at oil, gas and pellets fired systems - the ideal solution for the HVAC expert.
The AFRISO BLUELYZER ST flue gas analyser is an ergonomically designed, light weight handheld measuring instrument with a robust protective sleeve and integrated magnets. A large TFT display allows for convenient visualisation of the measurement results. Colour-coded menus, colour-coded representation of the measured values and "step by step" measuring programs ensure maximum ease of use.

BLUELYZER ST features a new, yet proven sensor technology with an extremely short response time. The handheld measuring instrument can be equipped with up to two measuring cells (O2 or CO). A microSD card allows for system-independent data storage and fast software updates. Measurement logs can be archived as HTML files without any additional software and opened with any Web browser. The printer is connected via infrared. BLUELYZER ST is available in various sets. An optional maintenance contract and warranty extension ensure full functionality at predictable, low cost. Visit for additional information.