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AFRISO WaterSensor eco
Avoiding water damage in homes

"Water damage, broken pipes, leaking appliances – couldn't happen here, everything is practically brand new." Home and building owners often delude themselves with this dangerous misconception. AFRISO offers a range of intelligent products for effective and lasting protection against water damage in homes.

Small box – great effect. Installer Tim H. explains how the leak sensor WaterSensor eco and the shut-off valve WaterControl 01 work together to reduce water damage.

A leak sensor WaterSensor eco below a bathtub for zone monitoring. The sensor does not require external energy and can operate continuously.

A reliable team: Motorised shut-off valve, control unit WaterControl 01 and 2 leak sensors type WaterSensor eco.
Water pipe installations have a limited service life of 30 to 50 years. Statistics clearly indicate that this is when damage will occur at the latest. They also indicate something truly alarming: Massive water damage in newer buildings is frequently caused by material defects and incorrect installation.

Did you know ...
In many countries, you must completely shut off the water if you are absent for more than three days in order not to lose insurance coverage. In other countries, insurance companies require at least that washing machines and dishwashers be isolated from the water supply. Automatic hose shut-off systems to the water supply do not help once an appliance is defective inside. In Germany, more than 1.5 million cases of water damage are reported to insurance companies each year - the total damage exceeds 1.7 billion euros.

Reducing the consequences of pipe damage with leak sensors
Michael B. opted for leak sensor when he built his new family home in Sulzfeld. Protecting his assets was key for him, water damage in the new home would have considerable impact on him and his family. Says Michael B: "I put so much work and commitment into our home. The solution from AFRISO offers maximum safety. I can easily shut off the mains water supply from a central location at the door before I leave the house. That's convenient and gives me peace of mind."

Planning, installation and commissioning
The WaterSensor eco leak sensors from AFRISO do not require a power supply (no battery, no cables) and operate on a permanent basis; they can be positioned anywhere without requiring any time-consuming preparations. Typical installation sites are below showers and bathtubs, in the vicinity of dishwashers and washing machines and in other critical areas. If a sensor detects water, the shut-off valve WaterControl 01 automatically shuts off the main water pipe. "Even though leak sensors cannot, of course, prevent leaks, the amount of damage is drastically reduced because the water pipe is immediately closed," says installer Tim H. and adds: "Such a system is fast and easy to install and does not require major effort. In view of the really little investment, the benefit for home owners is great.".