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Leak detection from a distance
Oil/water alarm unit ÖWWG 3 EnOcean wireless

Oil/water alarm units generate alarms in the event of accumulations of liquids caused by tank leaks, backflow or flooding. The hazard of pollution of or damage to buildings or the environment caused by liquids such as water, fuel oil, diesel, oil/water mixtures, motor oils or vegetable oils can be drastically reduced by means of an alarm unit. Therefore, it makes sense to reliably monitor oil storage facilities, drip pans, ducts and pips as well as heating rooms and laundry rooms, etc... Optimum monitoring is provided by alarm units with wireless transmission because they immediately notify owners or operators even if they are not on site.

Operators of systems with water-polluting liquids are liable for any and all damage caused by their systems, including consequential damage (for example, fire fighting charges, removal or oil, removal of polluted soil, soil and ground water analyses, soil rehabilitation, etc.). The oil/water alarm unit ÖWWG 3 can reduce damage to a minimum.
In combination with the battery-less wireless EnOcean technology, a smart building system (building automation) creates a communication network in a building an adapts all components such as pushbuttons, sensors, alarm units and controllers to the actuators of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as security and lighting systems, etc. The AFRISO ÖWWG 3 oil/water alarm unit with EnOcean wireless can also be easily integrated into a building automation system and operated and controlled via a PC, a smartphone or a tablet - regardless of location. This allows for permanent remote leak monitoring.

ÖWWG 3 consists of a control unit with visual/audible alarm, Test and Acknowledge buttons as well as a flexible PTC thermistor probe. The probe is mounted at the lowest point of the object to be monitored. The alarm is triggered when the probe comes into contact with liquid. The visual alarm remains active until the leak has been removed. The audible alarm can be switched off with the Acknowledge button. A Test button allows for a function check by simulating an alarm. The self-monitoring probe triggers an alarm if it is damaged. The voltage-free relay contact is provided for connection of additional alarm equipment. The device is suitable for panel mounting with a mounting frame. A sealing kit (IP 54) is available for rough application conditions.

All AFRISO alarm units with "EnOcean-ready" label are suitable for subsequent integration into building control systems via wireless technology. All it needs is to plug the EnOcean wireless module into the EnOcean interface (PCB of the device). The oil/water alarm unit can be used as a leak indication system, class III, as per EN 13160-1/-4 and as a leak detection system as per German TRWS 791-1; it is approved by the German Institute for Civil Engineering. (Technical Approval of the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBt) Z-65.40-339).