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Cycling for children with cancer
“Cycling into open-hearted action”

In keeping with the tradition of chimney sweeps bringing good luck, the motto of the chimney sweeps on their bikes at this year’s anniversary Good Luck Tour was “Cycling into open-hearted action”. At the individual stage finishes, all donations were given directly to local initiatives which are dedicated to helping children with cancer and their families or advancing cancer research. Many celebrities, e.g. Matthias Steiner, Erik Zabel and Jens Heppner, support the Good Luck Tour to generate even greater public awareness.

AFRISO product manager Marco Naab, Good Luck Tour organiser Werner Klein, Olympia gold medallist Matthias Steiner and Good Luck Tour organiser Ralf Heibrok presenting a donation cheque from AFRISO to help children with cancer. From left to right: This and many other donations will then be distributed on the Good Luck Tour 2016.
The chimney sweeps’ 10th annual Good Luck Tour took place from 1 - 8 July 2015. Already more than one million euros in donations have been collected for children with cancer, making the Good Luck Tour one of the biggest private relief campaigns in Germany. The route of this year’s approximately 1,000 km anniversary Good Luck Tour 2015 ran from Iserlohn via Bad Wünnenberg, Allendorf, Kassel, Eisenach, Weimar, Gera and Leipzig all the way to Dresden, where the cycling chimney sweeps were received with resounding applause in front of the Congress Centre on 8 July. The Good Luck Tour 2015 distributed donations made in 2014 amounting to 34 x € 4,300 and collected new donations for the Good Luck Tour 2016. Olympic weightlifting champion and brand ambassador for AFRISO Matthias Steiner was back for the third time, pushing pedals with élan on the last 160 km stage from Leipzig to Dresden. Matthias Steiner is convinced: “The idea of donating the same amount to each organisation at the end of each stage and then also finding out what the money is going towards is terrific. For example, at a market square a girl is given a bike that she urgently needs, and seeing how very happy this makes her is the quintessence of the tour. The cycling itself almost takes a back seat, but still draws attention to the issue and that is how it should be.” Those wishing to do something to help children with cancer or make a donation will find all the information they need at