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Leak monitoring via smartphone
Oil/water alarm unit ÖWU EnOcean wireless

Many substances used in the industry and even in private households can pollute the water. If such substances get into the ground, this can be an ecological catastrophe. In Germany alone, there were 2.538 accidents involving water-polluting substances in the year 2013. A total of 11 million litres of water-polluting substances were released into the environment as a result of these accidents - this corresponds to the capacity of approximately 430 road tankers. In addition to the ecological results, anybody causing such an accident may face extreme liability claims. The hazard of pollution of or damage to buildings or the environment caused by liquids such as water, fuel oil, diesel, oil/water mixtures, motor oils or vegetable oils can be drastically reduced by means of an alarm unit. Alarm units with smartphone connectivity offer extended monitoring functionality because they immediately notify the owners or operator in the case of damage.

The AFRISO ÖWU oil/water alarm unit with EnOcean wireless monitors rooms for oil and water and can be integrated into building automation systems. In the case of an alarm (leakage), a message is immediately sent to the smartphone or tablet of the owner/operator. This allows for reliable remote leak monitoring.
In combination with the battery-less wireless EnOcean technology, a smart building system (building automation) creates a communication network in a building an adapts all components such as pushbuttons, sensors, alarm units and controllers to the actuators of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as security and lighting systems, etc. The AFRISO ÖWU oil/water alarm unit with EnOcean wireless can be integrated into building automation systems. In the case of an alarm (leakage), a message is immediately sent to a smartphone or tablet. This allows for reliable remote leak monitoring.

ÖWU consists of a control unit and a probe with two sensors which are connected by means of a signal cable. The control unit contains the following elements: display elements and controls as well as all electronic components for signal processing and conversion of the probe signal into a digital output signal. The output signal is available via two voltage-free relay contacts (for example, water alarm, oil alarm. The height-adjustable combination probe is mounted at the lowest point of the room. If oil or water is detected, the control unit triggers visual (red lamp for oil, yellow lamp for water) and audible alarms. The audible alarm can be switched off with the Acknowledge button. The control unit is supplied with AC 230 V. It is designed for wall-mounting or installation in control cabinets or control panels (optional mounting frame required). A sealing kit (IP 54) is available for rough application conditions. ÖWU detects water, fuel oil EL, L, M, diesel oil and low-viscosity lubricating oil of group A III and danger class A III, motor oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oil and transformer oil.

All AFRISO alarm units with "EnOcean-ready" label are suitable for subsequent integration into building control systems via wireless technology. All it needs is to plug the EnOcean wireless module into the EnOcean interface (PCB of the device). The oil/water alarm unit can be used as a leak indication system, class III, as per EN 13160-1/-4.