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Smart Home System AFRISOLab
High degree of interoperability with other systems

The increasing use of mobile apps which have become very popular, has caused the topic of smart home to gain considerable momentum. More and more products are becoming part of the networked life environment. Each purchase decision for an individual smart component results in increased insecurity on part of the consumer. The complete systems currently available on the market often turn out to be isolated islands that do not support the integration of sensors and actuators provided by other manufacturers in any way. The user must trust in the vendor's ability to remain on the market in the future.

The AFRISOLab solution world networks all areas of a smart home - step by step.
Many smart home manufacturers use their own, proprietary wireless protocols and can therefore not be networked with other systems. This results, on the one hand, in isolated solutions with a dependency on individual suppliers; on the other hand, some systems only operate on a smartphone basis and do not offer the possibility of manual on-site operation. With the smart home solution AFRISOLab, AFRISO offers the perfect solution to all these problems.

Because AFRISO develops and manufactures sensors and actuators on the basis of the battery-less and wireless EnOcean technology which ensures interoperability with other systems. This unique sensor system allows for high flexibility, enormous time and costs savings and an extremely broad application range. Precisely on this basis, AFRISOLab already offers suitable solutions for heating system control, lighting, sun protection, safety and plant protection. In addition, AFRISO keeps developing further industry solutions for the HVAC trade in order to integrate important parameters from the field of building and plant technology. The AFRISOLab system makes a step-by-step start into the networked world easy. Direct communication between the sensors and the respective actuators is generally possible. The users therefore benefit from a wireless technology without having to do without the operating characteristics they are used to.

A central AFRISOhome building controller is provided for linking different plant components or for mobile operation. Due to its modular design, this also allows parallel operation and the interaction of several wireless standards. The wireless modules EnOcean as well as Z-Wave are already "On Board" and Wireless M-Bus can be optionally extended. The future-proof system is also suitable for subsequent implementation and expansion of already existing systems and is predestined for administration buildings, residential buildings, single family homes as well as for flats and holiday flats.