Technology for Environmental Protection - Measuring. Controlling. Monitoring.
AFRISO Catalogue Domestic Technology 17/18

The new AFRISO catalogue DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY 2017/2018 is now available. The catalogue provides a comprehensive overview of the world of safe and energy-saving domestic technology. It covers a great variety of products and practical solutions for measuring equipment of heating systems, for drinking water supply and for hydraulic balancing. In addition to proven WATCHDOG-LINE alarm units for monitoring and detection of leakage, the catalogue also introduces the reader to many new EnOcean wireless products which allow for easy "smart home enabling" of apartments and houses with regard to security, indoor climate and convenience.

The new AFRISO catalogue PORTABLE MEASURING INSTRUMENTS 2017/2018 is now available.
The catalogue can be ordered free of charge at (Photograph: AFRISO)
The well-structured catalogue with more than 400 pages is subdivided into twelve chapters, each with a table of contents which takes the reader directly to the products. Some chapter begin with overview tables, others with illustrations. The pages contain product descriptions, technical specifications accessories tables, dimensional drawings or price information. Navigation bars show the topic and additional products belonging to this product category. The last chapter provides information on training and service, certificates, technical information, checklists, inspection reports and a comprehensive index which facilitates the search for products. The new catalogue DOMESTIC TECHNOLOGY can be ordered free of charge at