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CAPBs sens PS 33, CAPBs sens TK 11 and CAPBs sens CO 30
Measure more with new CAPBs sensor modules

The modular AFRISO CAPBs system is growing. Users working with a BLUELYZER ST, EUROLYZER STx or MULTILYZER STe measuring instrument, a series S4600 ST pressure measuring instrument, a BlueAir-ST or a TMD9 temperature measuring instrument are in a great position because all these devices can operate with CAPBs sensor modules. The already extensive range of CAPBs sensor modules is now being extended by three new CAPBs sens sensor modules (PS 33 for pressure measurement, TK 11 for differential pressure measurement and CO 30 for CO concentration measurement).

The new AFRISO ASD 10 smoke alarm is designed for reliable detection of fire gases and fumes in residential spaces. If the smoke alarm is connected to a wireless gateway, it is possible, for example, to automatically switch on the lights along the escape routes or to open the shutters for escaping. (Photograph: AFRISO)
The two packages "CAPBs Set DPK 60-6 sens" and "CABs-enabled Set DPK 60-6 ST" are already available as starter sets for tightness tests of gas lines. These sets are now complemented by the new "CAPBs Set Evaluation Of Serviceability DPK 60-7 sens" with the DVGW-certified pressure sensor module CAPBs sens PS 33. This sensor module uses barometric pressure determination for compensation of air fluctuations during measurements and features temperature compensation. With CAPBs sens PS 33, AFRISO offers the most compact DVGW-certified measuring unit for measurement of the amount of leakage currently on the market.

The new sensor module CAPBs sens TK 11 for differential temperature measurement is equipped with two standardised temperature sockets type K for connection of two-pin thermocouples or temperature probes. It is ideal for determining the flow and return temperatures. In conjunction with the BLUELYZER ST flue gas analyser, it is possible to measure and store up to four temperature values and two differential temperatures.

The new CAPBs sens CO 30 is used for CO detection and concentration measurement in, among other things, boiler rooms and at flue gas pipes; it is ideal for flue gas tract inspections.